Pathology Images - Chronic Inflammation

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    Plasma Cells in tissue

    Can tell by the clockface/wagonwheel, as well as the acentric nuclei
  2. What is this structure called? What are the dominant cell types?
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    • Granuloma
    • Epitheloid cells in the middle (macrophages -> epithelioid -> giant cells)
    • lymphocytes on periphery
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    Necrotizing Granuloma
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    • Eosiniphilia
    • think Eotaxis - acute on chronic
  5. What two features let you know this is chronic inflammation?
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    Mononuclear cell infiltration and fibrosis
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    • Non-necrotizing granuloma. huge giant cell
    • epithelioid cells in the center surrounded by lymphocytes
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    Necrotizing Granuloma
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    Foreign body granuloma
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    • Ulcer
    • Note all the fibrosis staining blue in this trichrome stain. Fibrosis is one of the hallmarks of chronic inflammation
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Path Images for Chronic Inflammation
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