Anth: Structural Analysis and "The World"

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  1. rites of passage
    acknowledge a change in our social status.
  2. rites of intensification
    strengthen social bonds and synchronize human life with the cycles of cosmic time
  3. rites of reversal
    • allow us to blow off steam
    • appreciate normal order
    • recognize that the "normal order" is a social construct
  4. structural analysis
    the study of binary oppositions in the underlying structure of relations within a myth or other narrative.
  5. dichotomies
    • the division of a whole into two equal, complementary parts
    • either-or experiences and choices
  6. Conversions
    • positive to negative element
    • reversing the order of elements
    • changing the gender of the hero
    • preserving/repeating elements
  7. family as political mentor
    • learn cooperations, negotiation, competition, and create our individuality
    • the original act of resistance ("No")
  8. Benefits of Community Gardens
    • health gains
    • environmental
    • cultural opportunities
    • community building
    • youth engagement
    • crime prevention
    • urban improvements
    • strengthened governance
    • strengthened civil society
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