Pathology Images - Healing

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    Granulation Tissue
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    • Organization
    • The fibrinous exudate (up top) is healing. can tell by the parallel vessels
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    • Granulation Tissue
    • Lots of Inflammatory cells, blood vessels and fibroblasts
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    • Organization of Exudate
    • Look for the angiogenesis - this purulent exudate is in the process of organization.
    • high power would show fibroblasts, macrophages and inflammatory cells
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    • top right is myocardium, lower left is granulation tissue
    • Can tell this isn't a granuloma because of: 1) vessels 2) no giant cells 3) no lymphocyte boundary
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    RBCs a giveaway that this is granulation tissue
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    Thromboemboli undergoing organization from vessel out
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    Healing by first intention (primary union)
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    Myocardial scar w/ trichrome stain to show collagen (so this healed by repair)
  10. What kind of repair happened here?
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    The nodules due to cirrhosis are due to fibrosis and regeneration
  11. What is this formation called? What type of collagen?
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    • Keloid
    • Early - Type III
    • Late - Type I
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    Recanalized Thrombus
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