HSCI 003 Chapter 7 Abbreviations

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  1. ADH
    • antidiuretic hormone
    • vasopressin
  2. ARF
    acute renal failure
  3. BUN
    • blood urea nitrogen
    • measures urea levels in the blood
  4. CAPD
    • continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
    • the patient performs dialysis without help with a catheter
  5. Cath
  6. CCPD
    continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis
  7. CKD
    • chronic kidney diease
    • serum creatinine and BUN levels rise, which may result in impairment of all body systems
  8. Cl-
    • chloride
    • an electrolyte excreted by the kidney
  9. CRF
    • chronic renal failure
    • progressive loss of kidney function
  10. C&S
    • culture and sensitivity testing
    • determines antibiotic effectiveness against bacteria grown from a patient's urine specimen
  11. Cysto
    • cystopic examination
    • examination of the urinary bladder
  12. ESRD
    end stage renal disease
  13. ESWL
    • extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsey
    • urinary tract stones are crushed
  14. GFR
    • glomelular filtration rate
    • creatine clearance from the blood in the kidney
  15. HCO3-
    • bicarbonate
    • an electrolyte conserved by the kidney
  16. HD
    • hemodialysis
    • artificial kidney machine that filters a patients bloodstream
  17. IVP
    intravenous pilogram
  18. K+
    • potassium
    • an electrolyte
  19. KUB
    kidney, ureter, and bladder
  20. Na+
    • sodium
    • an electrolyte
  21. PD
    • peritoneal dialysis
    • uses a catheter to introduce fluid into the peritoneal cavity, the waste passes into it
  22. pH
    • potenital hydrogen
    • the acidity of a substance
  23. PKD
    • polycystic kidney disease
    • multiple fluid sacs (cysts) within and on the kidney
  24. PKU
    • phenylketonuria
    • rare condition in a baby is born unable to break down the amino acid phenylanine.
  25. PUL
    percutaneous ultrasonic lithotripsey
  26. RP
    • retrograde pyeolgram
    • x-ray of the renal pelvis and ureters after injection of contrast through a urinary catheter into the ureters from the bladder
  27. SP GR
    • specific gravity
    • density of a fluid
  28. UA
    urine analysis
  29. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  30. VCUG
    • voiding cystourethrogram
    • x-ray (with contrast) of the urinary bladder and urethra obtained while the patient is voiding
  31. DI
    • diabetes insipidus
    • ADH is not secreted, or there is a resistance of the kidney to ADH
  32. DM
    • diabetes mellitus
    • insulin is not secreted adequately or tissues are resistant to its effects
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