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  1. Ipsilateral
    Same side
  2. Contra lateral
    Opposite side
  3. Bilateral
    Both sides
  4. Unilateral
    One side
  5. Anterior
    Front side
  6. Posterior
    Back side
  7. oral
    Towards mouth
  8. Aboral
    Away from mouth
  9. Anatomy
    Study of the structure
  10. Physiology
    The study of parts & how they affect each other
  11. Thoracic limbs
    2 front legs
  12. Pelvic limbs
    Back 2 legs
  13. Pelvic limbs made up of:
    Femur, patella, tibia, fibula, tarsus, metatarsals, phalanges (p1-p3)
  14. Thoracic limbs made up of:
    Scapula,humerus, radius, ulna,carpus, metacarpal, phalanges
  15. Skull is composed of:
    Parietal, temporal, frontal, occipital, sphenoid, zygomatic, & lacrimal bones.
  16. Nares
    2 openings in the nose
  17. Turbinates
    Made of cartilage. They are found in the nose & contain an elaborate blood supply. They filter & humidify air.
  18. Crown
    Visible portion of the tooth
  19. Alveolar bone
    Bone in which tooth sockets are made of
  20. Gingiva
    Gum tissue
  21. Mucosa
    tissue lining the mouth
  22. Pharynx contains:
    Tonsils, part of larynx, opening of esophagus
  23. Lacrimal
    Tear duct
  24. Sclera
    Whit potion of the eye
  25. Lenticular sclerosis
    Looking through dirty window
  26. The thyroid produces what hormones
    Tyroxin/t4, tri-iodothyronine/t3, calcitonin
  27. Jugular veins
    Carry oxygen depleted blood from head to superior vena cava.
  28. Carotid arteries
    Carry oxygen rich blood to the brain.
  29. Brain is consisted of
    Forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain
  30. Midbrain is responsible for
    Many of our emotions, hunger, thirst.
  31. The forebrain is the ____ part of the brain.
  32. Hindbrain controls:
    Fine motor movement, breathing, blood pressure,
  33. We cannot survive without which part of the brain?
  34. Reflexes are
    Involuntary actions that have no conscious control of.
  35. Pleura
    Tissue that secrets small amount of fluid. Which causes less friction.
  36. Pneumothorax
    Air occupying pleural space. (Which causes lungs to collapse)
  37. Right side of the heart pumps blood to:
    The lungs
  38. the left side of the heart pumps blood to:
    The rest of the body
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