Mycotoxins (fungal toxins)

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  1. What are the varried affects of mycotoxins?
    • ehdcd (eh da see da)
    • Emesis
    • Diarrhea
    • Coma
    • Death
    • Hallucinations
  2. What do the mycotoxin species include, 4?
    • safp
    • stachybotrys
    • aspergillus
    • fusarium
    • penicillium
  3. What are the affects of aflatoxin (b and g aflatoxins?

    Where does it occur?

    What Organism produces aflatoxins?

    What do aflatoxins affect in humans?

    What does it cause?
    toxinogenic, mutagenic, immunosuppressive, teratogenic, and cacinogenic.

    nuts, grains, and cereals (high temp and humididty)

    Aspergillus flavus and parasiticus (b and g)


    Jaundice, hepatitis, and hepatic cancers.
  4. What are the symptoms of aflatoxin?
    • nausea
    • emesis
    • abdominal pain
    • diarrhea
    • cerebral edema
    • permanent brain damage
  5. What produces sterigmatocystin?

    considered precursor of aflatoxin?
    • Aspergillus versicolor
    • flavus
    • parasiticus

  6. What produces Orchratoxins?

    Where is it found?

    What is it linked to?
    Aspergillus and penicillium

    cereals, coffee and bread

    nict (nephrotoxic, immunosuppressive, carcinogenic, teratogenic)

    linked to nephropathy and tumors of pelvis and ureter
  7. What produces Ergot Alkaloids?

    Where are they present?

    What are the three derivatives?
    species of claviceps

    surface of grains

    lysergic acid, isolysergic acid, and dimethylergoline (ergoclavine)
  8. What does ergot alkaloids result in?

    What is the gangrenous form?

    • toxins constrict blood vessles and impared circulation
    • affects cns (neurotoxic effect)-hallucinations and loss of mental function

    spasms and cramps
  9. In ergot alkaloids, Gangrenous ergotism causes what?
    parethesia in calves or edema of the legs

    result in gangrene, require amputation
  10. What do the convulsive ergotism cause?
    • gastroenteritis
    • dizziness
    • cns-
    • drowsiness
    • prolonged sleepiness
    • twitching
    • convulsions
    • paralysis
    • blindness
  11. What produces tricothescenes?

    What contamination is it associated with?
    • Fusarium
    • trichoderma
    • trichothescium
    • myrothecium
    • stachybotyrs

    rice or wheat
  12. What are fumonisins associated with, disease?
    esophageal cancer becuase Fusarium moniliforme is present on corn and that gets stuck on esophagus.
  13. What is the deadliest mushroom called?

    What is the toxin that prduces amatoxin?

    What does it kill?


    a 200lb adult
  14. What produces stachybotrotoxins?

    What are the symptoms?

    What possible etiological agent is it presented as?
    Stachybotrys chartarum.

    irritaiton of the mouth, lips, nose and throat

    acute idiopathic hemorrhage in infants.
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