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  1. Figurine of a Woman, marble, 2500-2300 BC
  2. Male lyre players, marble, 2700-2500 BC.
  3. Aerial view of the Palace at Knossos, 1700-1400 BC
  4. Plan of the Palace at Knossos
  5. Aerial View of the Palace at Knossos
  6. Minoan columns at Palace at Knossos
  7. Minoan woman or goddess “La Parisienne”, from Palace at Knossos, 1450-1400 BC
  8. Bull-leaping “Toreador” fresco, from Palace at Knossos, 1450-1400 BC
  9. Octopus Jar,1500 BC
  10. Hagia Triada Sarcophagus, painted limestone, 1450-1400 BC
  11. Harvester Vase, 1500 B
  12. Snake Goddess, from Palace at Knossos, 1600 BC
  13. Aerial view of the Citadel of Tiryns 1400-1200 BC
  14. Corbelled gallery in the walls of the Citadel at Tiryns
  15. Lion Gate at Mycenae, 1300-1250 BC
  16. Treasury of Atreus entrance
  17. Treasury of Atreus (vault of tholos), 1300-1250 BC
  18. Treasury of Atreus plan
  19. Treasury of Atreus Cut-away view
  20. Funerary Mask (beaten gold), 1600-1500 BC
  21. Inlaid dagger blade with lion hunt, bronze with inlaid gold, silver, and niello, 1200 BC
  22. Warrior Vase, 1200 BC

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