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    Mantiklos Apollo, from Thebes, bronze, 700-680 BC
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    Kouros 600 BC
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    Calf Bearer ?Moschophoros? from the Acropolis in Athens 560 BC
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    Kroisos Kouros, from Anavysos, 530 BC
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    Kritios Boy, from the Acropolis, 480 BC
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    Riace Warrior, from the sea of Riace Italy, bronze, 460-450 BC
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    Charioteer from Delphi bronze, 470 BC
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    Discus Thrower (Diskobolos) by Myron, 450 BC
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    Spear Bearer (Doryphoros) by Polykleitos, 450-440 BC
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    Hermes and Dionysius, from Olympia by Praxiteles, 340 BC
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    The Scraper (Apoxyomenos) by Lysippos, 330 BC
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    Lady of Auxerre, Kore, limestone, 650-625 BC
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    Peplos Kore, from  the Acropolis in  Athens, 530 BC
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    Kore, from the Acropolis in Athens, 510 BC
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    Aphrodite of Knidos, by Praxiteles, 350-340 BC
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    Head of Alexander the Great, third century BC
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    Epigonos, Dying Gaul, 230-220 BC
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    Sleeping Satyr (Barberini Faun), 230-200 BC
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    Sleeping Satyr (Barberini Faun), 230-200 BC
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    Old Market Woman, 150-100 BC
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    Athanadoros, Hagesandros, and Polydoros of Rhodes, Laocoön and His Sons, early first century CE
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