Autonomic Nervous System

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  1. Autonomic Nervous System
    • Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
    • Motor (efferent) Division
    • Transmits from CNS to effectors
    • Involuntary
    • Innervates smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands
  2. Two Neuron Chain
    Preganglionic neuron > Ganglionic neuron
  3. Preganglionic Neuron
    • Cell body lies within the brainstem or spinal cord
    • Extends from the cell body and exits the CNS in either a cranial nerve or spinal nerve
    • Attaches to Ganglionic Neuron in PNS
    • Presynaptic neuron
  4. Ganglionic Neuron
    • post-synaptic neuron
    • cell body in autonomic ganglia
    • Take impulse from Preganlionic Neuron transmits to effector organ
  5. Divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
    • Parasympathetic and Sympathetic divisions
    • Both innervate same organs but with opposite effects (Antagonistic) 
    • Originate from different CNS regions 
    • Both have myelinated preganglionic axons and unmyelinated postganglionic axons
  6. Crainosacral division
    parasympathetic division
  7. Thoracolumbar division
    Origin of Sympathetic division
  8. Parasympathetic Divsion
    • "Rest & Digest"
    • Energy conservation
    • Cell bodies in brainstem & S2-S4 lateral gray horns
    • Axons exhibit little or no branching 
    • Long preganglionice axon
    • Short postganglionic axon
  9. Sympathetic Division
    • "Fight or Flight"
    • More complex vs parasympathetic 
    • Cell bodies located in T1 & L2 lateral gray horns 
    • Both axons are more highly branched 
    • Short Preganglionic axon
    • Long Postganglionic axon
  10. Ganglionic Neurons (Parasympathetic)
    • Either found in terminal ganglia, which are located close to the target organ
    • Or intramural ganglia, which are located within the wall of target organ
  11. Ganglionic neurons (Sympathetic)
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