Latin Vocab Ch 10

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  1. Skill, art
    *ars, artis f.
  2. Cause, reason
    causa, causae f.
  3. For the sake of, because of
    causā + gen.
  4. Grace; favor, kindness; gratitude
    grātia, grātiae f.
  5. For the sake of, because of
    grātiā + gen.
  6. To thank
    grātiās agere + dat.
  7. Fire
    *ignis, ignis m.
  8. Sea
    mare, maris n.
  9. Mind, judgment, reason
    *mēns, mentis f.
  10. Death
    *mors, martis f.
  11. Part, share, direction
    *pars, partis f.
  12. City
    *urbs, urbis f.
  13. Sharp, fierce; eager
    ācer, ācris, ācre
  14. Brief, short
    brevis, breve
  15. Swift, quick, rapid
    celer, celeris, celere
  16. Difficult
    difficilis, difficile
  17. Sweet; pleasant
    dulcis, dulce
  18. Easy
    facilis, facile
  19. Fortunate, lucky
    fēlīx, fēlīcis
  20. Brave; strong
    fortis, forte
  21. Huge; mighty
    ingēns, ingentis
  22. All, every
    omnis, omne
  23. Powerful; able
    potēns, potentis
  24. Because of
    ob (+ acc)
  25. Through, along; because of; by (in oaths and prayers)
    per (+ acc)
  26. And
    atque, ac
  27. and not, and … not
    nec or neque
  28. neither … nor
    nec … nec; neque … neque
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