Proteins in DNA replication

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  1. Helicase
    • 1. Catalyzes the breaking of hydrogen bonds between base pairs
    • 2. Opens the double helix
  2. Single-strand DNA-binding proteins
    Bind the resulting single-stranded regions of DNA to prevent the template strands from coming back together
  3. Topoisomerase
    Relieves stress on the Double Helix
  4. Primase
    Catalyzes the synthesis of the RNA primer on an Okazaki fragment
  5. DNA Polymerase III
    Extends an Okazaki fragment at the 3' end
  6. Sliding clamp
    Holds DNA polymerase in splace during strand extension
  7. DNA polymerase I
    Removes the RNA primer and replaces it with DNA
  8. DNA ligase
    Joins Okazaki fragments into a continuous strand in the lagging strand
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Proteins in DNA replication
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12.1 This is a list of the major proteins involved in DNA replication.
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