Week 10

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  1. tried to impose forms of worship; caused English Civil War; was executed
    King Charles I
  2. rule by one, usually a king
  3. rule by a few, usually an elite group
  4. rule by many, people have equal voice
  5. people elect representatives to exercise power for them
  6. political philosophy maintained that the king was divinely appointed and therefore could dictate and enforce not just civil behavior, but also religious beliefs
    Divine Right of Kings
  7. The principle that people should be free to believe whatever religious ideas they hold true
    Liberty of Conscience
  8. Luther argued a person's life is divided into 2 spheres: one deals with a person's physical life in society; the other deals with a person's spiritual life
    creator/redeemer distinction
  9. "If the prince fails in his promise, the people are exempt from obedience, the contract is made void."
    social contract theory
  10. Scottish Presbyterians/English Puritans/French Huguenots
    all followers of Calvin
  11. Reformation leaders
    Martin Luther-from Germany/John Calvin-Geneva, Switzerland; John Knox-Scotland
  12. classic statement of Protestant reformation
    Westminster Confession and Catechism
  13. became Lord Protector of England after the English Civil War
    Oliver Cromwell
  14. wrote Two Treatises of Government/Letters Concerning Toleration/Carolina Constitution Greatly Influenced founding of America
    John Locke
  15. reason and conscience are the criteria for religion
  16. God as creator but not sustainer. He created, then left.
  17. roughly 1600s-1700s taught that science and philosophy are the means to find truth, even new truth
    the Enlightenment
  18. wrote Lex Rex (Law is King)
    Samuel Rutherford
  19. wrote Discourses Concerning Government which has been called the "textbook for the American Revolution"
    Algernon Sidney
  20. We Hope In God-those against the King (Charles II, at first)
  21. those who supported the King
  22. King James II bloodlessly dethroned, replaced by William and Mary (James' daughter)
    Glorious Revolution
  23. a group loyal to the king (Charles I) during the civil war and the old way of doing things
  24. a group that wanted to remain true to their Protestant beliefs during England's civil war
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