Nail Theory Ch. 14

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  1. Free Edge
    The part of the nail that extends beyond the end of the finger or toe
  2. Nail Body (Nail Plate)
    The visible nail area from the nail root to free edge
  3. Nail Wall
    The folds of skin on either side of the nail groove
  4. Lunula
    The half-moon shape at the base of the nail, which appears white
  5. Eponychium (ep-o-NIK-ee-um)
    The cuticle that overlaps the lunula at the base of the nail
  6. Cuticle
    The loose and pliable overlapping skin around the nail
  7. Nail Matrix
    The active tissue that generates cells
  8. Nail Root
    Attached to the matrix at the base of the nail, under the skin and inside the mantle
  9. Mantle
    The pocket-like structure that holds the root and matrix
  10. Nail Bed
    The area of the nail on which the nail body rests
  11. Nail Grooves
    The tracks on either side of the nail that the nail moves on as it grows
  12. Perionychium (PER-i-o-nik-ee-um)
    The skin that touches, overlaps and surrounds the nail
  13. Hyponychium (heye-poh-NIK-ee-um)
    The skin under the free edge
  14. Onyx (ON-iks)
    Technical name for the nail
  15. Onychology (on-ih-KOL-o-gee)
  16. Onychosis (on-i-KO-sis)
    Any disease, disorder or condition of the nail
  17. Etiology (e-te-OL-o-je)
    Cause of the disease, disorder or condition
  18. Six Signs of Infection
    Pain, swelling, redness, local fever, throbbing and pus
  19. Systemic
    meaning throughout the system; causes are internal
  20. Diagnosis
    Identification of an disease, disorder or condition by the symptoms
  21. Prognosis
    The outlook for recovery
  22. Onychomycosis (o-ni-ko-mi-KO-sis)
    or tinea unguium (TIN-ee-ah UN-gwee-um) or unguis (UN-gwees)
    Ringworm of the nail

    Fungus, disease-related
  23. Tinea (TIN-e-ah) manus
    Ringworm of the hand

    Fungus, disease-related
  24. Tinea (TIN-e-ah) pedis (PED-is)
    "Athlete's foot" or ringworm of the feet

    Fungus, disease-related
  25. Paronychia (par-o-NIK-e-a) of felon
    Inflammation of skin around the nail

    Bacterial infection, disease-related
  26. Onychoptosis (o-ni-kop-TO-sis)
    Refers to shedding or falling off of nails

    Disease and injury related
  27. Onychia (o-NIK-e-a)
    Inflammation of the nail matrix

    Bacterial infection, disease-related
  28. Onychatrophia (o-ni-ka-TRO-fe-a)
    Atrophy of the nail or wasting away of nail

    Injury or systemic disease
  29. Onycholysis (o-ni-KOL-i-sis)
    A loosening or separation of the nail

    Internal disorder, disease-related
  30. Blue nails
    Nails appear bluish in color

    Disorder, systemic problems
  31. Eggshell nails
    Very thin, soft nails

    Disorder, hereditary or nervous condition
  32. Corrugations (kor-u-GA-shuns)
    Horizontal wavy ridges across the nail

    Disorder, injury
  33. Kolionychia (kol-e-o-NIK-e-a)
    Spoon nails are nails with a concave shape

    Disorder, systemic or long-term illness or nerve disturbance
  34. Furrows
    Indented vertical lines down the nail plate

    Disorder, injury
  35. Onychogryposis (o-ni-ko-GRI-po-sis)
    Also called "claw nails" represent an increased curvature of the nails

    Disorder, systemic
  36. Onychocryptosis (o-ni-ko-KRIP-to-sis)
    Ingrown nails

    Disorder, environmental
  37. Onychauxis (o-ni-KOK-sis)
    Also called hypertrophy is a thickening of the nail plate or an abnormal outgrowth of the nail
  38. Agnails (hangnails)
    Split cuticles, loose skin partially separated from the cuticle

  39. Bruised nails
    Also called splinter hemorrhages, show dark purplish discoloration under the nail

  40. Leuconychia (loo-ko-NIK-e-a)
    White spots appearing in the nail

    Condition, injury
  41. Pterygium (te-RIJ-e-ge-uhm)
    Refers to the living skin that becomes attached to the nail plate either at the eponychium or the hyponychium

    Condition, sever injury
  42. Onychophagy (o-ni-KOF-a-je)
    Refers to bitten nails

    Condition, nervous habit, stress related
  43. Onychorrhexis (o-ni-ko-REK-sis)
    Split or brittle nails

    Condition, injury
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