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  1. domina (1st declension)
    singular nominative
  2. dominae (1st declension)
    singular genitive, dative; plural nominative
  3. dominam (1st declension)
    singular accusative
  4. dominâ (1st declension)
    singular ablative
  5. dominarum (1st declension)
    plural genitive
  6. dominîs (1st declension)
    plural dative and ablative
  7. dominâs (1st declension)
    plural accusative
  8. dominus (2nd declension)
    singular masculine nominative
  9. dominum/pîlum (2nd declension)
    singular neuter nominative, singular accusative
  10. dominî/pîlî/Vergilî (2nd declension)
    singular genitive, plural masculine nominative, -ium vocative
  11. dominô/pîlô (2nd declension)
    singular dative and ablative
  12. domine (2nd declension)
    singular masculine vocative
  13. pîla (2nd declension)
    plural neuter nominative and accusative
  14. dominôrum/pîlôrum (2nd declension)
    plural genitive
  15. dominîs/pîlîs (2nd declension)
    plural dative and ablative
  16. dominôs (2nd declension)
    plural masculine accusative
  17. deabus/filiabus (1st declension)
    plural dative and ablative

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latin noun cases

Declensions for Latin nouns. Nouns and the declension they belong to are given--figure out the ending.
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