Media And Democracy

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  1. media instrustries
    major businesses that own interests in radio, tv broadcasting, motion pictures, movie theaters, music companies, newspapers, etc
  2. telecommunications act of 1996
    removed existing barriers against monopolization and competition among dif types of media (increased % of market that could be owned by one person)

    allowed big 6 to exist
  3. Big Six
    • GE
    • News Corp
    • Disney
    • Viacom
    • Time Warner
    • CBS
  4. media concentration of ownership within one industry
    small companies are bought up until only a few large companies remain
  5. cross media ownership
    Where one person or group owns more than one form of media - radio, TV, newspapers, etc (ie newcorp)
  6. conglomerate owndership
    companies in different sectors
  7. verticle integration
    • media also controls distribution channels
    • same as "synergy" - capitalizing on products to maximize profits
  8. how much does big 6 own?
    about 90%
  9. implication of monopolization of media
    • few people controlling nearly all media
    • want to keep costs down so lots of "diluted" news
  10. Message Pluralism
    media that represents broad and diverse opinions and cultures
  11. herman and chomsky news propaganda Model
    The bewildered herd

    • Media is censored through
    • ownership
    • advertising
    • Flak
    • sourcing and messages
    • anti communist/anti-american ideology
  12. implications of news for profit
    • the 24hr cycle with focus on profit margin
    • 20% coverage of products as "news"
    • More human interest pieces
    • less international coverage
    • less thorough journalism, more fluff
  13. media literacy
    ability to think critically about and deconstruct the messages of the media
  14. Alternative options for profit media
    domestic - national public radio, Democracy now

    international - bbc, al jazeera, france 24
  15. functionalism and media
    • media performed four basic functions for society
    • surveying the environment to provide news and information;
    • correlating response to this information;
    • entertaining;
    • transmitting culture to future generations .

    Must look at manifest, latent, and dysfunction . Ie when the media alerted the public to a health risk, for instance, it was serving its news and information function, but if a public panic was created, this was a dysfunction.
  16. The myth of the liberal news media
    no such thing
  17. the power elite and the media
    • 19/50 Forbes richest are media moguls
    • biased
    • hidden agenda
    • hegemony
  18. Media and democracy
    • 4th estate of GRIEF M
    • controlling messages (terror alerts)
    • control they way people think and knoledge
  19. Bias and relationship to democracy
    viewers of things like Fox and MSNBC more likely misinformed on current events which results in lack of information
  20. conflict theory and media
    • best explain why few people are controlling massive amounts of information as well as the quality of the news
    • mass media is a way to rule working class
    • manipulate people to believe certain things
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