Health Care and the Affordable Care Act

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  1. health care tourism
    • us cost for hip replacement 78 k
    • belgium cost - 13,600 including meds, hospital room 5 days, etc
  2. HMO vs PPO
    HMO - fixed monthly fee, total health care with emphasis on prevention to avoid treatment later

    PPO - system of cost containment that control healthcare providers decisions about medical producers, diagnostic, and other sources provided.
  3. Medicare vs Medicaid
    • Medicaid - low income or disabled
    • Medicare - Part A hospital care B primary car, for elderly people
  4. Inequality in the US health care by race and gender
    • Minorities more likely to distrust physicians and health care and more likely not to afford it
    • Women more likely to get inappropriate care
  5. Breakdown of uninsured people
    Hispanic, African AMerican, Asian, White
  6. why is health care a public issue and not private trouble?
    Affects many people on many different levels (family, economy, gov in the grief m)
  7. impact of uninsured on hospital and the economy
    drive costs for hospital because someone has to pay for them, also main cause for debt and when people can't pay debt affects economy, sick people can't work
  8. symbolic interaction and Obama care vs ACA
    people can't differentiate between obama care and ACA, need to change the conversation
  9. general goal of ACA
    better coverage/options if you already have it and cover those who don't have health insurance also give you more value for dollar and can't turn away preexisting condition
  10. Latent Function of ACA
    Jobs/hour cuts, increased costs, insufficient to address needs
  11. Conflict Perspective
    medical industrial complex - they seek patients even if healthy b/c have get checked to know you're healthy. New technology that makes you worrisome even for smallest thing because money is made off sick
  12. US health care
    Service vs Spending
    • only developed country w/o health care
    • 50 mil uninsured
    • spend more money than any other country but not the best care
  13. life expectancy in us and child mortality
    • lower life expectancy than other countries
    • African american 13.2 per 1000
    • White 5.6 per 1000
    • 6.9 in US which is way higher than other coutnries
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