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  1. Desegregation in NC
    1972 nc finally complies to brown vs board of education (1954)
  2. neighborhood schools debate in Wake country
    • pro - closer to school
    • con - no diversity and minorities = poorer and segregation happens
  3. Education in US
    • brown vs board - 1954
    • 49 mil enrolled in school
    • only 24% teachers are male
    • 55k average salary
    • behind in maths and sciences
  4. functional literacy
    • 14% of population
    • don't know enough to fill out application but can kinda read and write ish to get by
  5. general idea of NC education
    • 23rd in student teacher ratio
    • 46th male teacher
    • 42nd for pupil spending
    • barely ahead in math and average in reading
    • SAT below average
    • only 17% with college readiness
    • 48th can read at high school level
  6. Manifest function of education
    • increase human capital
    • ie speak spanish, balance equation, etc
  7. Latent function of education
    • socialization
    • childcare
    • jobs
    • specialized economy
    • culture
    • change and innovation
  8. Conflict Theory and Education
    • school is a sorting machine
    • ie - if learn obedience in school can push capitalistic agenda
    • white/high income are on college track despite despite their grades while those who aren't are hindered
  9. symbolic intergrationist prospective on education
    teacher exceptions - teacher think you'll do well you'll do well

    school culture expectations 

    self fulfilling prophecy - minority pick up stereotypes and live them out
  10. human capital
    skills and knoledge
  11. social capital
    people you know/connections you have
  12. cultural capital
    • how to maneuver people, social situations, gov
    • ie playing golf with executive is social capital, but being able to have a conversation with him is cultural capital
  13. social class and education inequlity
    • higher class student perform better because of:
    • financial resources
    • summer gap (rich go to camps etc)
    • parental resources
  14. hidden curriculum
    how certain cultural values attitudes (ie conformity and obedience to authority) are transmitted though implied demands in the everyday rules and routine schools.
  15. race and education inequality
    • higher education is more expensive and minorities tend to be poorer
    • acting white
  16. acting white fordham and ogbu
  17. gender and education inequality
    boys are perceived to be better at science and maths and girls the liberal courses and thus pushed to do things like nursing and moms and teachers 

    females less drop out, more masters, better in reading and writing same in math

    males higher AP scores and SAT scores in math and critical reading
  18. cost of higher education and implications
    • one year public school - 15 k
    • one year private school - 32 k

    hard to afford for poor/minority families
  19. affirmative action and myths
    • save seats for minorities
    • 1. only form of collegiate preferential treatment. (legacy and athletes)
    • 2. It takes spots from deserving white students (open policy like wake tech and social structure, most whites already have majority)
    • 3. It affects every college student
  20. functionalim and credentialism
    • our economy requires a more educated work force
    • when dysfunction exists improvements occur when more stringent academic requirements are implemented for students
  21. conflict theory and credentialism
    education is the badge of elite status but what school you attend depends on wealth AND influences your life changes and opportunities

    credentialism - value what rich have access to and what poor don't
  22. functionalist solution to education
    greater emphasis on teaching students the basics and making certain they have job skills that makes it possible that they're contributing to society
  23. conflict theory solution to education
    • legislation passed/reaffirmed to fight race discrimination and sexual inequality in school
    • they're continuing problems that don't just magically end
  24. symbolic interactionist solutions to education problems
    • change the convo and change label on certain students
    • small changes on personal level
  25. problems in school financing
    • problem - school going broke and doing major cuts that affect some but benefit others
    • solution - vouch program, charter school, for profit school
  26. acting white
    success  (especially in education) amongst black is perceived as acting because of stereotype and devaluation of education attainment in blacks
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