Anatomy ch. 13

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  1. Name and briefly describe the 2 anatomical subdivisions of the nervous system.
    Peripheral nervous system (PNS): Cranial nerves, spinal nerves and ganglia.

    Central nervous system (CNS): Brain and spinal cord
  2. The PNS is subdivided into 2 divisions. List them and state what kinds of signals they carry and where they carry them to.
    Afferent:sensory information to the CNS (towards)

    • Efferent: motor information to effectors 
    • (away)
  3. What are the 2 basic types of effectors that receive motor information from the nervous system?
    Muscles and glands
  4. The afferent division carries signals to the spinal cord from 2 kinds of sensory receptors. Name them and state where they bring sensory information from.
    Somatic: info we are conscious of from the skeletal muscles, joints, skin

    Visceral: info we are generally unaware of from smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands
  5. What kinds of sensors are located in the head and have their information carried back to the brain via cranial nerves?
    Special senses
  6. What are two divisions of the efferent division and where do they deliver signals to ?
    Somatic: mostly voluntary, info to skeletal muscles

    Autonomic: involuntary, info to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands.
  7. What basic part of a neuron, generally occurring in multiples and highly branched, is stimulated by environmental changes or the activities of other cells ?
  8. What basic part of a neuron contains thenucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes and most other organelles?
    Cell body (soma)
  9. What basic part of a neuron, occurring singly, conducts nerve impulses towards a synaptic terminal where the neuron communicates with another cell over a synapse?
  10. What type of neuron carries information to the CNS?
  11. What type of neuron carries information from the CNS to effectors?
  12. What type of neuron is located entirely in the CNS where it analyzes sensory inputs and coordinates motor outputs?
  13. Name the 2 types of neuroglia in the PNS and briefly describe their function.
    Satellite cells: control ganglion microenvironment

    Schwann cells: myelin sheath
  14. What dominates white matter?
    Myelinated axons
  15. What dominates gray matter?
    unmyelinated axons, cell bodies, dendrites
  16. what do we call bundles of neuron cell bodies found outside of the CNS?
  17. Neuroglia in CNS: control interstitial environment, blood brain barrier
  18. Neuroglia in CNS: myelin sheath
  19. Neuroglia in CNS: phagocytes
  20. Neuroglia in CNS: CSF
    Ependymal cells
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