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  1. 5% Dextrose in Water Class
    Hypotonic Dextrose-containing solution
  2. 5% Dextrose in Water Description
    When vigorous fluid replacement is not indicated, D5W can be used as a medication route, Since it is hypotonic, it prevents circulatory overload in patient's with congestive heart failure and renal failure
  3. 5% Dextrose in Water mechanism of action
    provides nutrients in the form of dextrose and free water
  4. 5% Dextrose in Water indications
    • 1. IV access for emergency drugs
    • 2. for dilution of concentrated drugs for IV infuction
  5. 5% Dextrose in Water Contraindications
    hypovolemic patient
  6. 5% Dextrose in Water precautions
    • 1. dextrose containing solutions are acidic and may produce local venous irritation
    • 2. subcutaneous administration from extravasation may result in tissue necrosis
    • 3. monitor for signs of circulatory overload (monitor breath sounds)
    • 4. when using on hypoglycemic patient, draw blood prior to administration
  7. 5% Dextrose in Water side effects
  8. 5% Dextrose in Water Interactions
    do not use with Dilantin (Phenytoin) or Inocor (Amrinone)- medication precipitate out
  9. 5% Dextrose in Water Dosage
    Administer with a 60 gtts / ml (mini) set at KVO/TKO
  10. 5% Dextrose in Water Route
    IV infusion
  11. 5% Dextrose in Water How Supplied
    50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000ml bags and bottles
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