Micro Exam media types

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  1. An air tight test tube containing media that solidified while the tube was at an angle?
    Slant tube
  2. Medium containing substances that favor the growth of a particular organism or inhibit the growth of unwanted ones?
    Selective media
  3. Extremely selective and used to grow Mycrobacterium, which are slow to grow?
    Lowenstein Jensen media(Selective media)
  4. Visible changes occur in the medium or differences in the appearance of colonies help to differentiate among types of bacteria growing?
    Differential media
  5. Differential for hemolytic pattern, Show bacteria hemolyzed (hemo-blood, lyze-break open) the red blood cells, leaving a distinct pattern?
    Blood agar(differential)
  6. A technique used to enhance the growth of less abundant microorganisms by using a selective medium or specific incubation conditions(i.e. temperature, humidity, time)?
    Enrichment culture
  7. Blood cells have been lysed by adding sheep's blood to hot agar. Used to grow fastidious respiratory bacteria such as Hamophilus influenza?
    Chocolate agar(not really chocolate) Enrichment culture
  8. Promotes the growth of anaerobic organisms?
    Chopped meat media Enrichment culture
  9. Molds grow, Incubated at room temp?
    PDA(Potato Dextrose Agar)Enrichment culture
  10. Inhibiting growth of some bacteria types, and encouraging the growth of other bacteria. Of the bacteria that do grow, visual changes in the agar or the bacterial colonies occur?
    Selective and differential media
  11. Selective for Gram-bacteria. Differential because it contains lactose and some Gram-bacteria can ferment lactose which will produce different looking colonies(fish eyes). Another example, E.coli colonies are a green metallic color?
    EMB(Eosin Methylene Blue Agar) Selective and Differential
  12. Selective for acid- producing organisms cavity. Differential because it contains a pH indicator that changes color when pH becomes more acidic from growth of these organisms(If happens something changes color, of not nothing happens)?
    Snyder Test agar Selective and Differential media
  13. Selective for enteric bacteria (intestinal Gram-). Differential due to colony appearance in presence of lactose, Similar to EMB?
    MAC(MacConkey Agar) Selective and differential media
  14. Mostly everything can grow(ex.TSA)
    General media
  15. Used of Specific test, Always used(Ex. Mueller Hinton II for antibiotic testing?
    Standard Agar
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