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  1. Which president was elected in 1960 and began the “New Frontier”?
  2. Was the Bay of Pigs a success or failure? Why?
    Success - J.F.K took responsibility
  3. Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a success or failure? Why?
    Success - no nuclear war
  4. What is the word used to describe John F. Kennedy’s legacy?
    Camelot - they looked up to him as a king
  5. Who is the “gold standard” for Democrats since 1960? What does that mean?
    J.F.K; every democrat gets compared to him
  6. Whose idea was “The Great Society”?
    Lyndon Johnson
  7. What was the purpose of “The Great Society”?
    To end poverty and segration
  8. Name and describe one of the counter culture groups from the 1960s.
    Hippies - sex, drugs, and rock and roll
  9. What two groups bring tension in the Republican Party?
    Moderate vs. Conservatives
  10. Name two Moderate Republicans.
    • 1. Nixon
    • 2. John McCain
  11. Who shifted the Republican Party to the right in 1964 and was labeled a Fascist by Martin Luther King, Jr.?
    Berry GoldWater
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