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  1. Which two future presidents were at the 1964 Republican Convention?
    • 1. Ronald Reagean
    • 2. George Bush
  2. What is a proxy war? Which one was fought in the 60s?
    • When two opposing parties do not fight directly. They use third parties as a substitute to fight one another. 
    • The War in Vietnam
  3. Define “dissenters”.
  4. Which Democrat was an Anti­Vietnam “Champion of the Poor”?
    Robert Kennedy
  5. Who was the “Dump the Hump” Vice President?
    Hubert Humphrey
  6. Who is an example of a Populist radical?
    George Wallace
  7. Who wins the 1968 presidential election by going for middle class voters?
    Richard Nixon
  8. What was a popular TV show from the 60s? Why?
    Banaza - tought family values
  9. Describe the LBJ campaign commercial against Goldwater?
    Daisy TV add showing a little girl picking petal off of a flower and a countdown to a nuclear explosion.

    This add portrays that if you vote for Goldwater, little girls are gonna get bombed.
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