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  1. EDTO philosophy is to?
    Preclude - less diversions through better reliability and maintenance

    Protect - Rules protect A/C required to divert to make as safe as possible
  2. What approvals are needed for EDTO?
    Type Approval - manufacturer must have demonstrated that the A/C complies

    Operational approval - (up to 180mins) operator demonstrate competence to the regulator

    Beyond 180mins, must have at least 12 months experience with type and engine, and have SATCOM
  3. Dispatch requirements for EDTO beyond 180mins

    what MUST be 100% servicable?
    • Fuel Quantity indicators
    • APU
    • Auto-Thrust
    • SATCOM
    • AutoLand capability on one engine.
  4. Define an EDTO operation
    Ops over routes that contain a point further than 60mins flying time (180mins 3-4 engine A/C) from an adequate aerodrome at the approve one engine inop cruise speed in still air
  5. Define EDTO Entry/Exit point
    The first of last point on the route where the A/C is 60mins away.
  6. Alternate Aerodrome must have what?

    Outside EDTO
    • Appropriate Fire/Rescue service (ICAO Cat 4) available within 30mins
    • PAPI, VASI or an ILS
    • Met Forcast is available
    • At least one instrument approach
    • ATC or AFIS that can be started at 30mins before expected arrival
    • Medium intensity runway lights for night ops
  7. What happens, once in flight, the weather at an EDTO enroute alternate falls below landing minima,
    A new plan must be made as this alternate can no longer be used.

    Note: at the dispatch stage, different alternate requirements are used, relating to number of runways etc
  8. Define Max diversion Time
    Granted by CAA - usually 120 or 180mins

    Gives the EDTO area of operation for planning purposes

    For greater than 180mins (where approved) range circles are wind and temp corrected
  9. Fuel Requirements for EDTO
    The Greater of

    Flight to EDTO alternate from the most critical point ETP (CP) after suffering an engine failure, decompression, or both.

    15mins hold fuel at 1500ft and then instrument approach and landing

    APU and anti icing requirements
  10. Adequate Aerodrome must have what?
    Suitable in length for A/C

    Appropriate Fire/Rescue

    PAPI, VASI or an ILS
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