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  1. What happened in Grenada?
    U.S over throws communist regime
  2. Who did Ronald Reagan run against in 1984?
    Walter Mundal
  3. Who was the first female vice presidential candidate?
    Geraldine Ferraro
  4. What is the state score from the 1984 election? What does this mean?
    49-1 Means that the American people really respected Reagan, and thought that he'd be the best for the job
  5. What was Reagan’s campaign slogan in 1984?
    Morning in America
  6. Describe what event is the lowest point of Reagan’s presidency?
    "Black Monday" - When the stock market crashed 23% was lost in one day
  7. Describe what event is the highest point of Reagan’s presidency?
    The Conservative Coalition - voting alliance of Republicans and southern Democrats
  8. What is the Culture War?
    Good vs. Evil
  9. Who was the governor of Massachusetts perceived as too weak?
    Michael Dukakis
  10. Who was Reagan’s VP, who became president in 1988?
    George Bush
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