Transport In Cells

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  1. Passive Transport
    • Diffusion
    • Facilitated Diffusion
    • Osmosis
    • No Energy Required
  2. Diffusion(def.)
    net movement of molecules form a region of high concentration to lower concentration
  3. Diffusion
    • Concentration Gradient: molecules move down this (how much)
    • Equilibrium: diffusion molecules reach this when they are evenly spread out
    • Passive: no energy needed
  4. How to Change the Rate of Diffusion
    • 1. Change the concentration gradient 
    • 2 Increase the temperature
    • 3. Increase surface area
    • 4. Change the type of molecule diffusing
    • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water= Diffuse Easily
  5. Facilitated Diffusion
    • high to low
    • no energy for =
    • protein channel (integral)
    • large molecules
  6. Osmosis
    • diffusion of H2O
    • movement of H2O from high to low
    • concentrations have to be the same on both sides
    • same % of solution
  7. Hypotonic Solution
    • concentration inside cell is greater than outside
    • more water enters the cell than is leaving the cell
    • hypo-hippo
    • swells
  8. Isotonic
    • concentration inside cell is equal to outside cell
    • same size
    • water entering=water leaving
  9. Hypertonic
    • concentration inside the cell is less than outside the cell
    • more water leaving cell than entering cell
    • shrinks
  10. Animal v. Plant(Hypo/Iso/Hyper)
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  11. Examples
    • Grocery stores spray water on fruits/vegetables to "plump" them up
    • being in water causes fingers/toes to wrinkle when water ENTERS your skin; bathwater is HYPOTONIC compared to your skin
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