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  1. it was said he could move his listeners to anger, fears or laughter more easily than the most talented actor
    patrick henry
  2. considered the
    most powerful speaker in the revolution
    patrick henry
  3. openly opposed the  stamp act
    patrick henry
  4. his powerful speech to the Virginia convention was the first step to feed the revolutionary spirit and led to the signing  of the declaration of independence .
    patrick henry
  5. he could have been executed. "the king could profit from their examples"
    patrick henry
  6. govenor of virginia
    patrick henry
  7. member of the Virginia general assembly
    patrick henry
  8. 35th president  (youngest president)
    john Kennedy
  9. While being president the first communication satellite was launched
    john kennedy
  10. he signed the nonproliferation treaty with the soviet union
    john kennedy
  11. while being president he fought with cuba (nuclear weapons)
    john kennedy
  12. Put the first astronaut in orbit
    john kennedy
  13. served 2 years and 2 months
    john kennedy
  14. "ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country"
    john kennedy
  15. 2nd president
    john adams
  16. john adam's wife
    abigail smith adams
  17. wrote " a letter to her daughter from the new white house"
    abigail smith adams
  18. abigail adams was what?
    she was a wife, mother, writer, first lady, revolutionary, and a women's right's pioneer.
  19. abigail adams was mother of who?
    john quincy adams
  20. when abigail adams was separated from her husband for 10 years.....
    she wrote 100s fo letters to her husband and relatives
  21. considered a spy on behave of america
    abigail adams
  22. she opposed slavery
    abigail adams
  23. she and her husband were the first to live in the white house
    john and Abigail adams
  24. wrote "letters from an american farmer"
    Jean de crevecoeur
  25. French aristocrat who chronicled his experiences as a European emigrant in american
    jean de crevecoeur
  26. first person to compare  america to a melting pot.
    jean de crevecoeur
  27. in ___ sailed to london and 2 years later punished "letters from an american farmer"
    1780. jean de crevecouer
  28. what happened when jean crevecoeur talked up america in his "letters"
    george washington said "rather too flattering" and it could attract non hard workers to america and Benjamin franklin also opposed his writing
  29. what happened when jean de crevecoeur from france in 1783?
    his farm was burned down, his wife killed, and his children with foster parents.
  30. when the the revolutionary war began in france he went to France then to Normandy.
    jean de crevecoeur
  31. wrote the auto biography on Malcom X
    Alex harley
  32. what is harley alex's greatest book?
    Roots; saga of an american family. which he got 271 awards for in 2 years. and the tv show had 130 million view on the first episode.
  33. first director of education
    noah webster
  34. wrote blue backspeller
    noah webster
  35. washington seeked him for advise on education
    noah webster
  36. most read book in the reolutionary time after the bible
    blue backspeller(by noah webster)
  37. developed a dictionary, with words like apple souce and squash. and how long did it take him to make it
    noah webster. 30 years
  38. "as an independent nation, lour honor requires us to have a system of our own in a language and government, great Britain whose children we are and whose language we speak  should no longer be our stand"
    noah webster
  39. wrote "autobiography of benjamin frankin"
    benjamin franklin
  40. wrote "speech in the convention"
    Benjamin franklin
  41. wrote "poor Richards almanac"
    benjamin franklin
  42. only american to sign all 4 documents that establish this nation. which are?
    benjamin frankin. the constitution, declaration of independence, treaty of alliance with france, and peace treaty with England
  43. received lit, science, philosophy, journalism, and diplomacy awards.
    benjamin franklin
  44. wrote in pseudonyms. which were?
    benjamin franklin. silence dogood and Richard saunders in his wife Bridget
  45. home spun sayings
  46. "3 may keep a secret if 2 are dead"
    benjamin franklin- aphorisms
  47. what did benjamin franklin invent?
    lighting rod, byfocals, new type of stove, confirmed the laws of electricity, contributed to the understanding of earthquakes and ocean currrent but best remembered for his politics
  48. helped  write the declaration of independence with thomas jefferson
    benjamin franklin
  49. enlisted help from the french support during the rev war
    benjamin franklin
  50. negotiated the peace treaty with england
    benjamin franklin
  51. embassador to england and france
    benjamin franklin
  52. his autobiography in 1771, 13 vertues have become a model to everyone else
    benjamin franklin
  53. the time is near at hand... americans be free or slaves.. conquer or die"
    george washington
  54. "we hold these thruths to be.."
    thomas jefferson
  55. our nations first secretary of state, 2nd vice president and 3rd president
    thomas jefferson
  56. founded the university of virginia
    thomas jefferson
  57. established the public education system
    thomas jeffeson
  58. authorized the purchase of Louisiana territory and doubled the size of the US
    thomas jefferson
  59. attended the william and mary college with patrick henry
    thomas jefferson
  60. designed the decimal system and his home
    thomas jefferson
  61. what did thomas paine write
    the crisis and common sense
  62. very blunt, said things that people were to afraid to say outloud
    thomas paine
  63. 'if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my child may have peace"
    thomas paine
  64. poet at the time when she shouldnt have been one. she wrote "to his excellency, george washington"
    phillis wheatley
  65. she wrote" a hymn  to the evening"
    phillis wheatley
  66. published " poems on various subjects; religious and morals"
    phillis wheatley
  67. baptist minister and civil rights leader
    martin luther king
  68. followed gandy's teachings "non violence prostest"
    martin luther king
  69. how did martin Luther king protest segregation
    led boycots, sitins, and marches
  70. became a national leader when he organized the "organized march in Washington"
    martin luther king

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