History Test 1

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  1. Bessemer Process
    A method of steel making that could produce more steel in a day than others could in a week.

    Increased production increased the availability of steel and resulted in it's widespread industrial use.
  2. Oil Refining
    Produced kerosene (by refining crude oil), a cheap substitute for whale oil.
  3. Railroads
    Easier to make due to cheaper steel.
  4. George Westinghouse
    Developed a compressed-air brake that increased railroad safety by allowing all the cars to stop at the same time.
  5. Effects Of Growing Railroad Industry
    • Increased western settlement by making travel afordable and easy.
    • New towns sprang up where railroads were built, and exsisting towns grew into cities.
  6. Economic Impact Of Railroads
    • Railroad companies supplied many jobs.
    • Helped out the steel and railroad car construction industrias.
    • Allowed companies to sell their proucts nationally.
  7. Nikolaus Otto
    made first gas powered internal combustion engine.
  8. Charles and Frank Duryea
    Built first practical car using Otto's gasoline engine.
  9. Airplanes
    Made by Wright brothers in 1903
  10. Telegraph
    Developed by Samuel Morse. Made communication faster and easier.
  11. Telephone
    Made by Alexander Graham Bell. Women got jobs as telephone operators.
  12. Western Union
    was the leading telegraph company and had more than 2,000 offices in 1886.
  13. Typewriter
    • Made by Christopher Sholes.
    • Allowed users to quickly produce easily legible documents.
    • Gave jobs to women in typing pools.
  14. Thomas Edison
    • Born in 1847
    • Invented the lightbulb, DC electricity, early motion pictures, and the kinetograph.
    • Opened one of the first electric power plants.
  15. Phonograph
    Invented in 1877.
  16. Lightbulb
    Invented in 1879.
  17. Lewis Latimer
    Edison's Assistant
  18. Steel
    • More railroads.
    • Stronger and bigger buildings.
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