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  1. Deviance
    the violation of norms
  2. Crime
    the violation of norms written into law
  3. Social Control
    a groups formal and informal means of enforcing its norms
  4. Labeling theory
    the view that the labels people are given affect their own and other's percetptions of them. So either conform of deviate
  5. Wealth vs Income
    Wealth= The total value of everything someone owns minus the debts

    Income=Money received from job
  6. Power
    The ability to carry out your will even with resistance
  7. Prestige
    respect or regard
  8. Underclass
    a group of people for whom poverty persists
  9. Intergenerational Mobility
    The change that family members make in social class from one generation to the next
  10. Upward and downward social mobility
    moving up or down in social latters
  11. Poverty line
    the official measure of poverty
  12. Feminization of poverty
    a condition in which most women ran households are broke
  13. Culture of poverty
    The assumption that the values and behaviors of the poor make them different from others
  14. Gender
    the behaviors and attitudes that a society considers proper for its males and females
  15. Sex
    biological characteristics that define male and female
    WHen born and given blue for a boy and girl pink
  17. Patriarchy
    men as a group dominating women as a group authority is vested in males
  18. feminism
    the philosophy that men and women should be socially equal
  19. glass ceiling
    the mostly invisible barrier that keeps women from advancing in top levels
  20. Gender Stratification
    Males and femals unequal access to property power and prestige
  21. race
    a group whose inherited physical characteristics distinguish them from others
  22. Ethnicity
    having distinctive cultural characteristics
  23. discrimination
    an acto of unfair treatment directed against an indivdual or group
  24. racism
    not liking someone based on race
  25. prejudice
    prejudging in a negative way
  26. dominate group
    the group with the most power, highes social status etc
  27. individual discrimination
    person to person discrimination
  28. institutional discrimination
    negative treatment to a group of minority that is built into societies institutions
  29. assimilations
    the process of being absorbed into the main stream culture
  30. pluralism
    the diffusion of power among many interest groups that prevents any single group from gaining control of the government
  31. multiculturalism
    a policy that permits or encourages ethnic differences
  32. life expectancy
    the  number of years that an average person at any age can expect to live
  33. graying of america
    the growing percentage of older people in the u.s population
  34. life span
    the maximum life of a species
  35. ageism
    prejudice and discriminations directed against people because of their age
  36. age cohrt
    people born at roughly the same time who pass through life courses together
  37. dependency ratio
    the number of workers who are required to support each dependent person
  38. Status Consistency
    ranking high or low on all three dimensions of social class
  39. Status inconsistency
    ranking high on some dimensions of social class and low on others
  40. social order
    a groups usual and customary social arrangement on which its members depend and on which they base their lives
  41. False
    • Biological factors including genetics explain the reason why people commit criminal acts
    • T or F
  42. True
    Crime is simply on example of deviance t or f
  43. False
    • Functionalist believe deviance has no useful purose in society and only contributes to social chaos
    • T or F
  44. False
    T or F: Poverty is relatively equally distributed in america by state and between rural urban settings
  45. False
    Defining Social class in America is an objective science because their are clear cut  agreed upon definitions of each social class T or F
  46. False
    T or F: Labeling theory, differential association theory, and control theory all represent the conflict perspective
  47. True
    T or F: Functionalist would contend that the growing crime rates among women  are the resutl of changing social location and gender roles, giving women greater access to  illegitimate opportunities.
  48. Genetic predisposition
    inborn tendencies to commit criminal actis
  49. techniques of netralization
    ways of thinking ofrationalizing that help people to deflect societys rules
  50. degradation ceremony
    a term to  describe an attempt to remake the self by stripping away an individuals self identity and stamping a new identity in its place
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