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  1. When are headlights required to be on
    30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
  2. ______ are designed to be used with safety belts
  3. When you are first in line and the light turns green, you should check the areas to the
    left, right, front
  4. On an expressway, an overhead sign with a yellow panel indicates
    exit only
  5. A pennat-shaped sign means
    no passing zone
  6. When all or part of a highway traffic lane is closed for construction, maintenance, or surveying, the speed limit is _________, unless otherwise posted
    45 mi/hr
  7. Yellow lines separate traffic moving in _______
    opposite directions
  8. A solid yellow line next to a broken line means that vehicles next to the broken line
    vehicle next to broken line can past
  9. If there is not enough light to see pedestrians and vehicles clearly at a distance of ________ feet, you must have your headlights turned on
    500 feet
  10. When you enter traffic from a parking spot, you should wait for a large enough gap to get up to the ___________ of traffic
    same speed
  11. When driving on the expressway, how many seconds ahead should a driver search
    20-30 seconds
  12. To steer straight forward, look far ahead toward the center of your intended path
  13. You should stop at the intersection ahead, Just before the intersection where you have to cross the railroad tracks, you should
    stop before you cross the railroad tracks when you do not have room to completely across the tracks
  14. When intending to turn or change lanes, you must communicate your intentions to other road users by activating your turn signal over a distance of ________ feet.
  15. If you encounter a vehicle headed the wrong way on a one-way street, you should ________,________, and______
    pull over, stop, and wait until they pass
  16. Can you pass a vehicle on the right if the vehicle ahead is making a left turn and you do not have to leave the paved lane to pass
  17. When you are parallel parked, you should be within how many inches of the curb?
    30 inches
  18. You are driving on a two-lane highway. The final decision wether to abort a pass or proceed to pass should be made just prior to
    reaching the vehicle you are passing
  19. You are driving 55 mph on a two-lane highway, with one lane in each direction, and you want to pass the vehicle ahead of you. To pass safely, you need to have a large enough gap in the oncoming traffic
  20. What should you do when looking for blind spots
    look over you right shoulder when changing lanes to the right

    look over your left shoulder when changing lane to the left
  21. Minimizing a hazard
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