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  1. Six reasons for constitution?
    • *Establish justice
    • *insure domestic tranquility
    • *provide for the common defense
    • *promote the general welfare
    • *secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves¬†
    • *posterity
  2. Where does the power to write laws lie?
    The House Of Representatives.
  3. What are the two houses of the Legislature?
    • *Senate
    • *House of Representatives
  4. How often are the members of the House of Representatives chosen?
    Every 2 years
  5. Qualifications to be elected to House of Representatives?
    • *Attain the age of 25
    • *7 years of citizenship
    • *Shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen
  6. How are taxes appointed? What does 3/5th of all persons refer?
    • *Direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this union, according to their respective numbers
    • *Refers to slaves
  7. What is the minimum number of representatives a state may have?
    How often is the count of people in each state to be made?
    • *1 for every 30,000
    • *every 10 years
  8. Who has sole power of impeachment?
    The house of representatives
  9. How many senators are elected from each state?
  10. How often are senators elected?
    Every 6 years
  11. What are the requirements to be a senator?
    • *At least age 30
    • *9 year citizen
    • *¬†who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state for which he shall be chosen
  12. Who is president of Senate?
    When can he/she vote?
    • *The Vice President
    • *No vote unless equally divided
  13. Who has sole power to try all impeachment?
    The Senate
  14. Who is the presiding judge over impeachment?
    The chief Justice
  15. How many votes does it take to impeach the president?
    2/3 members present
  16. How often must congress meet?
    at least once every year
  17. In which house of congress must all money bills originate?
    House of Representatives
  18. Once a bill is passed by the House and the Senate, where does it go?
    The president
  19. How many votes does it take to overturn a presidential vote?
  20. When the president gets a bill, what are the two things he can do with it?
    • *Approve and sign it
    • *Return it w/objections
  21. Who has the power to coin money?
    The Congress
  22. Who has the power to declare war?
    The Congress
  23. What titles of nobility may be conferred by congress?
  24. Can states coin money?
  25. Can states declare war?
  26. Where is the executive power?
    Vested in the President
  27. How often is the president elected?
    Every 4 years
  28. What are the 3 requirements to run for presidency?
    • *A citizen of the US, naturally born
    • *Age of 35 or higher
    • *14 years of residency
  29. What must the newly elected president swear to do at his/her inauguration?
    • *Faithfully execute the office of President of the United States
    • *Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States with the best of his ability
  30. Who is the commander-in-chief of the military?
    The president
  31. Who makes treaties?
  32. Who confirms treaties?
    2/3 Senators
  33. Who appoints ambassadors? Who confirms them?

  34. Who appoints the supreme court members?
  35. Who has Judicial powers?
    One supreme court
  36. How long do supreme court justices serve?
    As long as they do a good job
  37. How many witnesses are needed to convict someone of treason? What is treason?

    *Levying war against them, adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.
  38. "No person held in service or labor in one state... shall... be discharged from service...." What does this mean?
    Any person who is a slave cannot be released.
  39. How are amendments made to the constitution?
  40. What is the Supreme law of the land?
    The constitution
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