Enzyme Quiz practice

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  1. Enzymes are _____ that serve as _______.

    They speed up or slow down _______, but always remain Unchanged.
    • proteins
    • Catalysts
    • reactions
  2. What is an active site?
    where the substrate binds to the enzyme.
  3. Each enzyme acts on a specific _____.
  4. what is a substrate
    The reactant that the enzyme will act upon
  5. interaction of the enzyme and the subtrate
    Induced fit
  6. what fits in the Enzyme slot?
    and what 2 sugars is it made up of?
    • lactose
    • glucose and galactose
  7. if someone is lactose intolerant, they lack __________.
  8. the conformation of an enzyme is maintained by interactions between various _____ ______ that compose it, and this conformation is sensitive to the changes in the enzyme's _______.
    • amino acids..
    • environment
  9. 2 important influences of enzyme activity:
    pH and temperature
  10. each enzyme functions best within a certain _________ _________.
    pH Range
  11. enzymes in stomach like _______ environments.

    Enzymes in small intestines like ______ environments.
    • acidic
    • basic
  12. catalase will increase at ____ temperatures but when it reaches boiled, it will go beyond its functional shape, so it will ______ most enzymes.
    • higher
    • denature
  13. difference between a noncompetitive inhibitor and a competitive inhibitor.
    • noncompetitive inhibitor: Binds to a place OTHER than the active site.
    • competitive inhibitor: binds to the ACTIVE site of the enzyme
  14. for a catalase reaction, an enzyme and a _________ unite.
  15. Image Uploadwhere's the substrate, substrate enzyme complex, & active site?
    Image Upload
  16. where do competitive and noncompetitive inhibitor go? and what do they do?
    • Image Upload
    • competitive: in active site- interferes so that the enzyme and substrate can't bond.
    • noncompetitive: anywhere but active site - modifies the shape so it also cant bind to the substrate
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