CHP Academy Week 5

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  1. HOV, disobey requirements.
    21655.5(b) VC
  2. HOV, crossing into or out over double lines.
    21655.8(a) VC
  3. Non-emergency stop on freeway.
    21718(a) VC
  4. Passing on left without sufficient clearance.
    21751 VC
  5. "Paul Buzzo:" Match, cigarette, potential fire item.
    23111 VC
  6. "Unsecure load" or spilling loads on highway.
    23114 VC
  7. Hand-held phone prohibited. "Cell phone law."
    23123(a) VC
  8. Texting prohibited: write,  read, or send.
    23123.5 VC
  9. Driver not seat-belted. (Or,  allowing >16 yrs.)
    27315 (d) (1) VC
  10. Under 8-y-o must be in child seat, or under 4'9".
    27360 (a) VC
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