CHP Academy Week 4

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  1. Evading an officer, causing injury or damage.
    2800.3(a) VC
  2. Driving on or over 2' divided section.
    21651(a) VC
  3. Unsafe lane change.
    21658(a) VC
  4. Unlawful passing on right shoulder.
    21755(a) VC
  5. Exceeding 100mph.
    22348(b) VC
  6. Exceeding max speed 65mph.
    22349 (a) VC
  7. Exceeding max speed 55mph.
    22349(b) VC
  8. Exceed max of 55mph for certain vehicles.
    22406(a-f) VC
  9. Speed contest.
    22109(a) VC
  10. Exhibition of speed.
    23109(c) VC
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