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  1. table
    桌子 Zhuōzi
  2. chair
    椅子 yǐzǐ
  3. television
    电视 diànshì
  4. telephone
    电话 diànhuà
  5. computer
    电脑 diànnǎo
  6. refrigerator
    冰箱 bīngxiāng
  7. book
    书 shū
  8. car
    汽车 qìchē
  9. bicycle
    自行车 zìxíngchē
  10. who, whom
    谁 shéi
  11. Who has table?
    谁有桌子?Shéi yǒu zhuōzi?
  12. She has a table.
    她有桌子。Tā yǒu zhuōzi.
  13. Who has a telephone?
    谁有电话?Shéi yǒu diànhuà?
  14. You (plural) have a telephone.
    你们有电话。Nǐmen yǒu diànhuà.
  15. Who has a computer?
    谁有电脑?Shéi yǒu diànnǎo?
  16. They have a computer.
    他们有电脑。Tāmen yǒu diànnǎo.
  17. Who has a book?
    谁有本书?Shéi yǒu běn shū?
  18. He has a book.
    他有本书。Tā yǒu běn shū.
  19. Who has a car?
    谁有汽车?Shéi yǒu qìchē?
  20. We have a car.
    我们有汽车。Wǒmen yǒu qìchē.
  21. measure word used for books, photo albums, or magazines
    本 (běn)
  22. I have two books.
    我有两本书。(Wǒ yǒu liǎng běn shū.)
  23. measure word for cars, taxis, and bicycles
    辆 (liàng)
  24. We have nine cars.
    我们有九辆汽车。(Wǒmen yǒu jiǔ liàng qìchē.)
  25. She has ten bicycles.
    她有十辆自行车。(Tā yǒu shí liàng zìxíngchē.)
  26. measure word for machines, such as sewing machines, televisions, or air conditioners
    台 (tái)
  27. You (plural) have four telephones.
    你们有四台电话。(Nǐmen yǒu sì tái diànhuà.)
  28. You (singular) have five televisions.
    你有五台电视。(Nǐ yǒu wǔ tái diànshì.)
  29. I have six computers.
    我有六台电脑。(Wǒ yǒu liù tái diànnǎo.)
  30. They have seven refrigerators.
    他们有七台冰箱。(Tāmen yǒu qī tái bīngxiāng.)
  31. measure word for tables, desks, and chairs
    张 (zhāng)
  32. She has one table.
    她有一张桌子。(Tā yǒu yī zhāng zhuōzi.)
  33. We have two chairs.
    我们有两张椅子。(Wǒmen yǒu liǎng zhāng yǐzi.)

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