Activity 28

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  1. List three categories of personal stressors. Give an example of each.
    Life Events: major illness or parents divorce 

    Physical/Stressors: excessive dieting or lack of rest. 

    Daily Hassles: conflicts with other students
  2. How can refusal  skills help you avoid stress?
    Walk away, or just say no.
  3. List five ways to manage stress, explain how each method helps manage stress.
    Plan Ahead: helps you be well prepared and gives you a sense of control. 

    Get regular and physical activity: helps release pent up energy. 

    Get adequate sleep: helps you concentrate 

    Eat healthy foods: helps avoid fatigue, weakness. 

    Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs: improve the body's ability to resist disease and avoid long term effects.
  4. List three ways adequate sleep can help you.
    • Improve mood
    • help think clearly 
    • look and feel better
  5. List three nutrition tips that will help you when you are dealing with stress.
    • eat regular meals 
    • limit comfort foods
    • limit caffeine
  6. Define the term stress management skills.
    Skills that help an individual handle stress in a heathful effective way
  7. List four stress management skills, explain how they help you manage stress.
    Redirect your energy: will release some of your nervousness energy 

    Relax and Laugh: thinking pleasant thoughts and deep breathing. 

    Keep a positive outlook: can help you releave stress because of the way you think determines the way you feel. 

    Seek out support: talking to some one about your problem may help you feel better about it.
  8. What is relaxation support?
    A state of calm that can be reached if one or more relaxation techniques are practiced regularly.
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