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  1. Walnut St.
    Kildaire to Tryon
  2. SE Maynard Rd
    E Chatham to Kildaire
  3. Cary Towne Blvd
    I-40 to Walnut
  4. Ryan Rd
    Walnut to E Park
  5. Holtz Ln
    Mayodan to Webster
  6. Mayodan Dr
    Ryan to Melanie
  7. Abbey Ln
    Ralph to Ryan
  8. Melanie Ln
    Holtz to a DE past Warren
  9. Penny Ln
    Ralph to Melanie
  10. Coronado Way
    Ralph to Warren
  11. Earhart Cir
    Ralph to a DE
  12. Fairview Rd
    Warren to S Walker
  13. Sloan Dr
    SE Maynard to Holtz
  14. N & S Montreal Ct
    DE off Sloan left & right
  15. Hudson Ct
    Sloan to a DE past E Park
  16. E Park St
    Hudson to S Academy
  17. Hunter St
    Fairview to E Chatham
  18. Hunter Park Ct
    Hunter to a DE
  19. Keener St
    Fairview to E Park
  20. Heater Ally
    Fairview to E Park
  21. S Walker
    Byrum to E Cedar
  22. Kildaire Farm Rd
    Dry to Holly Springs Rd
  23. Byrum St
    Walnut to Kildaire
  24. Warren St
    Melanie to a DE past Briarcliff
  25. Pleasants Ave
    Ralph to a DE past Warren; Kildaire to a DE
  26. Carolyn Ct
    Warren to a DE past Whispering Pines Ct
  27. Whispering Pines Ct
    Carolyn to a DE
  28. Ellynn Dr
    Ralph to SE Maynard
  29. Tanglewood Dr
    Walnut to Greenwood Circle
  30. Jimmy Burns Way
    Walnut to Cary High School
  31. Forest Green Dr
    Byrum to Meadow
  32. Dowell Dr
    Kildaire to a DE past Meadow
  33. Meadow Dr
    Kildaire to a DE past Forest Green
  34. Spring St
    Dowell to Meadow
  35. Kinsey Cir
    Spring to a DE
  36. Austin Ave
    Meadow to a DE past Dowell
  37. E Cornwall Rd
    Kildaire to Tanglewood
  38. Washington St.
    E Cornwall to Briarcliff
  39. Ed Simmons Ct
    E Cornwall to a DE past Bethenia Pl
  40. Bethenia Pl
    Ed Simmons to a DE
  41. Village Greenway
    SE Maynard to a DE past the circle
  42. Merriwood Dr
    Village Greenway to Kensington
  43. Holly Hill Ct
    Merriwood to Merriwood
  44. Maynard-Summit Way
    SE Maynard to Quinard
  45. Molly Ct
    Maynard-Summit to a DE
  46. Webster St
    Hunter to a DE past Holtz
  47. Waldo St
    S Academy to Rainbow Ct
  48. E. Chatham St.
    Academy to CL at I-40/Hillsboro St
  49. Sherwood Ct.
    Clay to Clay
  50. Clay St
    E Park to Waldo
  51. Salem Ct
    Clay to a DE
  52. Rainbow Ct
    DE left & right off of Waldo
  53. E Circle Dr
    Waldo to E Chatham one way
  54. W Circle Dr
    E Chatham to Waldo one way
  55. Terrace Dr
    E Circle to a DE
  56. Urban Dr
    E Park to E Chatham
  57. Stanopal Dr
    Hunter to a DE
  58. Templeton St
    Waldo to E Chatham
  59. Fairgrove Way
    E Park to a DE
  60. Callan Park Ln
    S Walker to Waldo
  61. Zev Summit Ln
    S Academy to a DE
  62. Roger Alley
    E Cedar to E Chatham
  63. Ward St
    E Durham to E Chatham
  64. E Cedar
    Ward to N Academy
  65. Reedy Creek Rd
    E Chatham to a DE; DE past Chapel Hill to NE Maynard; NE Maynard to N Harrison
  66. E Durham Rd
    Chapel Hill to E Chatham
  67. Bowden St
    E Durham to Field
  68. Wilkinson Ave
    E Durham to N Academy
  69. Ambassador Loop
    N Academy to Wilkinson
  70. Cary St
    Wilkinson to a DE
  71. Field St
    Chapel Hill to a DE past Sorrell
  72. Sorrell St
    Field across Chapel Hill to Chapel Hill
  73. Boyd St
    N Academy to Ferrell
  74. Ferrell St
    E Johnson to Boyd
  75. E Johnson St
    N Academy to Chapel Hill
  76. N Lake St
    E Chatham to Maple
  77. Pine St
    N Lake to a DE
  78. Cedar St
    N Lake to a DE
  79. Maple Ave
    SE Maynard to a DE past Chestnut
  80. Chestnut St
    Maple to a DE
  81. Hickory St
    Maple to a DE
  82. Dogwood St
    Maple to a DE past Oak
  83. Oak St
    Maple to Dogwood
  84. S Lake St
    Oak to a DE
  85. Poplar St
    Maple to a DE
  86. Reed St
    SE Maynard to Tate
  87. Todd St
    Reed to a DE
  88. Bern St
    Waco to a DE
  89. Tate St
    SE Maynard past Reed back to Reed
  90. Duke St
    Tate to a DE
  91. Quinard Dr
    SE Maynard to Maynard Summit
  92. E Cary Middle
    SE Maynard to SE Maynard
  93. NE Maynard Rd
    E Chatham to N Harrison
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