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  1. Profligate (PRAH-flih-gut) adjective
    • 1. wildly extravagant; very wasteful
    • 2. abandoned to vice and corruption; shamelessly immoral

    ex: He earned quite a bit of money as a professional athlete, but squandered much of it on his profligate lifestyle.
  2. sere (SEER) adjective
    being dried and withered

    ex: The sere winter garden gave no hint of the profusion of flowers that would bloom in the spring.
  3. insuperable (in-SOO-puh-ruh-bul) adjective
    incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over, or solved.

    ex: Though it had appeared that the visiting team had an insuperable lead, the home team rallied to win in the end.
  4. forfend (for-FEND) verb
    • 1. a) archaic: forbid
    •     b) to ward off: prevent
    • 2. protect, preserve

    ex: The fort functioned as a place of refuge where settlers could forfend themselves from attack.
  5. proclamation (pra-kle-ma-shen) noun
    The act of saying something in a public, official, or definite way

    ex: The President issued a proclamation which freed the slaves.
  6. sacrilegious (sac-re-le-gious) adjective
    to be treating a holy place or object in a way that does not show proper respect

    ex: The accused him of being sacrilegious.
  7. tenet (ten-it)
    a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true especially one held as true by members of a profession, group, or movement

    ex: One basic tenet is that the people who live and work near the ocean should play a role in conservation planning and managment.
  8. revelatory (re-vel-uh-tawr-ee) noun
    • 1. a revealing, or disclosing, of something
    • 2. making something known; revealing something in usually a surprising way

    ex: an invigorating and revelatory performance
  9. defray (dih-frey) verb
    1. to bear or pay all or part of (the costs, expenses, etc...)

    ex: The grant helped defray the expenses of the trip.
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