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  1. Chief Executive Officer of Prison
    warden or superintendent
  2. Responsible for all Staff
    • uniformed staff
    • professional and administrative staff
  3. Custody and Security Functions
    • charged with mannging
    • supervise all areas of prison that house inmates
    • uniformed/paramilitary
    • largest department of prison workers
  4. Director/Secretary of a State Department of Corrections
    • public & media affairs: interact with television and print media
    • legislative liaison: helps to shape new laws and shape corrections policy
    • legal advisors: responds to inmate lawsuits, gives legal advice to the director
    • internal affairs: inspector within the department who deals with ethical issues
  5. Department of Correction Functions
    • administrative: budget development and accounting, construction of new prisons
    • human resources: recruitment and hiring, labor relations, and retirement
    • community supervision: in some states the department oversees probation and parole services
    • field operations: state prisons may be assigned to a reign and managed regionally
  6. Treatment Functions
    • education and vocational training
    • mental health programs
    • recreation
    • religious services
    • substance abuse treatment
  7. Service Functions
    • budget and financing
    • maintenance
    • laundry operations
    • work programs
    • food and health service
    • commissary
  8. Unit Management in a Prison
    • organizes prisons into smaller components
    • enhance staff and inmate interaction
    • determine inmate job assignments
    • allows for close monitoring of inmate activities
    • minimizes inmate behavioral problems
  9. Controlling Inmate Behavior
    • clear policies and procedures
    • policies clearing communicated
    • consistent implementation of policies
    • comprehensive training of staff
    • quality assurance - ensuring compliance with prison policies, policy audit, ACAA
  10. Policy Audit
    • review of written prison policy documents
    • observation of staff as they perform duties
  11. American Correctional Association Accreditation
    • voluntary
    • recognition that prison has met rigorous standards
  12. Inmate Classification
    • controls inmate behavior
    • determines inmates' prison security level
    • how an inmate is classified my determine the housing assignment
    • classification level can act as motivator for good behavior
    • inmates are subject to reclassification
  13. Disciplinary System
    • you can lose "good time" credit
    • written policy provided to all inmates
    • list of fair and equitable sanctions
    • control threatening inmates

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