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  1. Management Staff
    • warden
    • safety manager
    • institution administrator
    • employee development specialist
    • classification specialist
  2. Staff to Supervise Inmates
    • recreation specialist
    • case manager
    • correctional officer
  3. Professional Staff
    • teacher
    • psychologist
    • substance abuse counselor
  4. Facility Staff
    • computer specialist
    • maintenance worker
    • secretary/clerical worker
    • laundry supervisor
    • food service manager
  5. Close System Organization
    operate with only input from within the prison organization
  6. Open System Organization
    frequent contact between he internal prison organization and other groups for input on policy
  7. Warden Joseph Ragan (Stateville Prison 1930-1960)
    • ruled the prison with an iron fist
    • demanded strict adherence from staff and inmates
    • prison clean and spotless
    • inmates marched in straight lines
    • believed his function was to synchronize men and their behavior
  8. Function of a Warden (Stateville Post 1960s)
    • federal court intervention required that the management style shifted from discipline to rehabilitation
    • by 1978, conditions in Stateville deteriorated to anarchy
    • gangs ran the prison
  9. Organizational Culture in a Prison
    • modern wardens no longer function autonomously
    • prisons have mission statements
    • accreditation standards
    • transformational leaders
    • contributes to creating the prison's culture
    • transactional leaders
    • coordinates with outside agencies
  10. Role of a Correctional Officer
    • make up approximately 2/3 of all prison staff
    • assist in the accomplishment of the prison's mission statement
    • need to buy in to the prison's culture
    • maintain control and order in the prison
    • responsible for constant supervision of inmates
    • important to adhere strictly to prison policy and procedures
    • maintain close communication with inmates
  11. Correctional Officer Assignments
    • living units
    • yard officers
    • perimeter security
    • relief officers
    • administrative building
    • work detail
    • industrial shop, school
  12. Correctional Officer
    • Stress and Danger: need for constant vigilance
    • Gain Compliance of Inmates: enact discipline
    • Post Orders: detail of daily schedule
    • Organizational Stress: understaffing, shift work
    • Critical to Daily Management: carry out policies of prison
  13. Uniformed Staff
    primary job is safety and security of the prison
  14. Professional Staff
    • psychological
    • education
    • religious
    • vocational
    • substance abuse
  15. Staff Services
    • laundry
    • food preparation
    • staff training
    • prison industries
    • maintenance
  16. Management Culture
    the way leadership deals with and communicates with subordinate staff
  17. Relationship Culture
    the style with which staff members view and communicate with inmates
  18. Female Correctional Officers
    • Title VII (1972): proscribes employment discrimination based on gender
    • Douthard v. Rawlinson (1977): upheld Alabama's prohibition from hiring women due to the deplorable conditions in Alabama's prisons
    • Gunther v. Iowa (1979): court held that Iowa's prison s did not have deplorable conditions and refusing to hire women was in the violation of the law
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