Organized Crime T2

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  1.  Who was the most powerful of all the families
    The Genovese Family
  2. Who were members of the Genovese family?
    Costello (changed his name to sound more Irish), Genovese, Salerno (Anthony Fat Tony Salerno) & Gigante (Vincent The Chin Gigante)
  3. What was Vincent the chin Gigante known for
    Shooting Costello and getting away with it.
  4. What was Anthony Fat Tony Salerno know for
    Being indited for 100 years with the commission case.
  5. What was Castello known for?
    Creating the one armed bandits know as slot machines. He was also shot in his hotel lobby as the man said "this ones for you frank".
  6. Why didn't the families deal with drugs
    Drugs were a big priority for the government.
  7. What was Vetto Genovese known for
    He killed the husband of the woman he wanted to marry so he got the reputation for being very violent. He died in prison for selling drugs
  8. What was Vincent the Chin Gigante know for?
    Walking around in his pajamas to give authorities the impression that he was insane. He also used to be a boxer in his younger years so that's where he got the name  Vincent the Chin. He was sent to jail for racketeering and murder when his plead for insanity didn't work. He ruled with a iron fist
  9. The Least Powerful of all the family
    The Lucchese family
  10. Who was in the Lucchese family
    Tommy Lucchese (Three Finger Brown), Anthony Tonydux Corallo, Joe Profaci,Je Colombo & Carmin Persico (The Snake)
  11. What was Tommy (three fringer brown) Lucchese known for?
    He got his index finger cut off in a steel mill when he was young.
  12. What was Joe Profaci known for?
    Largest importer of oil. He was a mustache Pete that never went to jail.He took care of his real family more than his crime family which upset allot of mobsters. He killed Bucky Ammino because he stole a donation he made to the church then returned it with some of the jewels missing.
  13. What was Joie Gallo known for?
    He didn't like Joe Profaci because he put his real family first. He was arrested in 1961 and befriended allot of African American inmates. When he was released around the same time Joe Colombo was murdered
  14. What was Joe Colombo know for ?
    He portraid himself as a civil rights leader but also killed allot of Italians at night which contradicted what he was fighting for as a civil rights leader. He was shot by a black man while he was trying to give speech at his Annual Unity Day Rally during the same time Joe Gallo was released from jail.
  15. What was Joe Bonanno Known for?
    He wrote the book Man of Honor. His Anccestors built the leaning tower of Piza. He was the most respected man under Lucky Luchianni. Joe Banannos was called to a meeting in up state New York because he was trying to kill other crime bosses. This meeting is where Sgt Edgar Croswell found out that crime was organized. After the meeting he was killed as he was trying to move to Arizona. He also had a jealous cousin named Magadino who made him look bad to the commission.
  16. What was Joe Peston known for?
    He was a undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the MOB.
  17. Who was Vincent Mangano
    He was Joe Bonanno's cousin who disappeared in 1951 & his brothers dead body was fun a few days later. 
  18. Who was Albert Anastassia (Lord High Executioner)
    A very violent mob boss who was incharge of Murder INC. He appointed Carlo Gambino to be his under boss. He was also killed in a barbershop by Carlo Gambino.
  19. Who was Carlo Gambino (The Executioner)
    He smuggled himself on a fright ship from Italy. He had a good relationship with Lucky Luchiani so he became a Capo at the early age of 29. He married his first cousin. After the Proabition he made money off of selling his own moonshine. He counter fitted ration stamps during WW2 and also extorted money from wealthy gay men.  He listened more than he spoke and used body language most of the time to avoid speaking. He was the underboss of Albert Anastasia and also responsible for his death. Aneilo Delacroce (The Lamb) was the underboss of Gambino.  
  20. Who was Paul Castellano (Big Pauli)
    He was the next boss after Carlo Gambino died of natural causes. When he became boss it caused problems becuase Anelo Delacroce was the underboss next in line. He also was more of a business man than a mob boss. John Gotti hated Castellano because he felt he wasnt boss material and talked bad about him behind his back every chance he had. Big Pauli Castellano didn't approve of drugs so when he heard that Gotti had gotten into some trouble with the law over drugs he wanted to hear it for himself. John Gotti put it off for as long as he could with the help of Aneilo Delacroce until one day he couldnt avoid the question any longer so he killed Castellano. 
  21. Who was John Gotti (Teflon Don, Dapper Don, Velcro Don)?
    He was the one who killed Big Pauli Castellano and his driver. Hung out at Ravenite social club & Bergin Hunt and Fish club. He was named Teflon Don because charges never stuck and Dapper Don because he was always nicely dressed. He eventually got the name Velcro Don because all his charges caught up to him and stuck. He went to prison for hijacking a truck at the airport. He killed John Favora for accidently killing his son. His lawyer was Bruce Cutler who was also the minister of defense & information. John Gotti was the one who created walk talks. Sammy the Bull Gravano was the underboss of Jonh Gotti. Gotti was arrested because of the conversations he had about crime and he was also badmouthing his underboss Sammy The Bull Gravano. When Sammy the bull Gravano heard the tapes he flipped on gotti because he new that Gotti was gonna have him killed. His lawyer couldnt represent him because he was involved in some of the crimes. Gotti was sent to prison for life while Sammy the Bull Gervano was sent to witness protection where he wrote a book named The Under Boss but couldn't get the benefits. Petter Gotti was the boss after John Gotti.
  22. Who was Salvator Sabella
    He was convicted of murder in Sicilly so he fled to America where he worked in a butcher shop. He ended up killing his boss then was ordered to be deported but never left.
  23. John Avena  (The Nose)
    Was liked by Lucky Luciani
  24. What was Joe Ida known for?
    He was a low key crime boss that let his underboss take the spotlight. He disappeared after the meeting in upstate NY was raided by the police. He also violated the Mann Act in which you weren't able to take a female across state lines without moral purposes.
  25. Who was Anthony Bruno (Gentle Don)?
    Didn't kill Palleno after he found out that he was trying to kill him. He got a seat in the national commission. 
  26. Who was John Stanfa (Homicide)?
    He was the guy who drove Angelo Bruno to the front of his house to get shot. When he was released from the hospital he was picked up by John Keys Simone (Capo) Frank Sindone (Soldier) & Antonio Caponigro (Tony Bananas, Consiglieri). They were all killed except John Stanfa. Stanfa was arrested for 8 years. When he was released he became mob boss.
  27. Who was Phillip Testa (Chicken Man)?
    He was only boss for a year after Stanfa. He was killed by a nail bomb from Pretoro & Marinucci. He was named chicken man because his parents sold chicken. 
  28. Who was Nicky Scarfo (little Nicky)?
    He was part of the Scarfo Family and was very violent. He was banished to NJ by Bruno and when he came back he became Mob boss of Philadelphia. Philip Leoneti (Crazy Phil) was his nephew  and Harry Riccobene (The Hunchback) was his Capo to the Scarfo Family. Sal Testa was very loyal to Nicky Scarfo and because he was becoming to successful to the magazines little nicky had him killed. His nephew Crazy Phil flipped on him and got him arrested for life plus 50 years. Nicky Scarfo wanted nothing better than to see him killed.
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