Sig Pi Chapter 5 and 6

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  1. What is the supreme governing body of Sigma Pi and what does it consist of?
    The Grand Chapter; delegates from Chapters, Alumni Clubs, and past, present, and honorary Grand Officers
  2. How many voters does each chapter in good standing have in the grand chapter?
  3. What are the names, titles, and job descriptions of the Grand Officers?
    • Grand Sage-President
    • Grand Second Counselor-Vice President
    • Grand Third Counselor-Treasurer
    • Grand Fourth Counselor-Secretary
    • Grand First Counselor-Sergeant at Arms
    • Grand Herald-Historian
    • Past Grand Sage: Advisor for continuity
  4. What standing committees are provided for in the Constitution of the Sigma Pi Fraternity?
    Expansionism, scholarship
  5. What are the three subordinate bodies in the fraternity?
    Chapters, Alumni Clubs, Colonies
  6. Who is our Province Archon and what are his duties?
    Visits chapters as a representative of the Grand Sage

    No one
  7. Who is our Chapter Director and what are his duties?
    Gary Grubacich; promotes the social and intellectual life of the chapter and provides continuity for the enhancement of policies and traditions
  8. What was the original purpose of the Sigma Pi Endowment Fund?
    To fund the central office
  9. Who was the first Executive Secretary of the Fraternity?
    Harold Jacobsen
  10. Where was the first headquarters of the Fraternity?
    Jacobsen's home in Roselle, New Jersey (it was moved to Elizabeth two years later in 1929)
  11. Name five Alumni who have served as Executive Secretary/Director
    Harold Jacobson, D. Dean Crook, Andrew Morris, James Hills, William Marrs, Mark Briscoe
  12. Who is our executive director and what are his duties?
    Mike Aylon; to oversee the Fraternity's financial transactions and run the day to day operations
  13. Where is our present headquarters located?
    Brentwood, TN
  14. Describe the role of the Educational Leadership Consultant
    Works with chapters on internal operations, strengths, weaknesses and general fraternity life
  15. Name five Grand Chapter Awards
    • Founder's Award
    • Michael P. Carey Award
    • Most Improved Chapter Award
    • Grand Council Award
    • Grand Sage Award
  16. Who was the first editor of The Emerald?
    Lewis L. Moore
  17. What is the Fraternity's esoteric publication?
    The Keryx
  18. What is the most important document in any Fraternity?
    Its ritual
  19. What is the official song of the Fraternity?
    "The Fireside Song"
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