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  1. Explain the physiological effects of warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards.  What are some appropriate warming up and cooling down activities?
    helps with flexibility
  2. What are the symptoms of overexertion that require a physician’s attention?
    pain or pressure in the midchest area,neck shoulder etc sudden nausea or diziness abnormal heartbeats
  3. Explain the R-I-C-E approach to treating soft tissue injuries.
    rest ice compression elevation
  4. What prevention strategies can be taken to avoid altitude sickness?
  5. What are two techniques used to prevent excessive increases in body temperature during exercise in hot weather?
    skinweeting and hyperhydration
  6. What are some special concerns when children and adolescents are engaged in exercise?
    overheating,too strenous, heart defect
  7. Describe the 2007 ACSM/AHA physical activity recommendations for older adults.
    intese excerises for 2 or more nonconsecutive, muscular stength and balance
  8. List some of the barriers to exercise that people experience and some of the ways to overcome them.
    lack of time, social influence. lack of resources and willpower
  9. What are some ways that communities can promote physical fitness
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