Chemistry Chapter 9

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  1. These men played a role in the development of quantum mechanics. They were astonished by their own theories.
    • Niels Bohr, Edward Schrodinger, and Albert Einstein
  2. These models explain how electrons exist in atoms and how those electrons exist in atoms and how those electrons affect the chemical and physical properties of elements.
    Bohrs model and the Quantum-mechanical model
  3. Light is a form of this
    electromagnetic radiation
  4. The constant speed of light is...
    3.0 x 108 m/s (186,000 mi/s)
  5. The ___________ is defined as the distance between adjacent wave crests.
  6. The number of cycles or crest that pass through a stationary point in one second is known as.....
  7. A unit of light is called a...
  8. The entire range of the electromagnetic radiation is called the....
    electromagnetic spectrum
  9. The relationship between wavelength and frequency is....
    Inversely proportional
  10. __________ have the shortest wavelength and  the high energy and frequency
    Gamma rays
  11. Next on the spectrum with longer wavelengths and lower energy than Gamma rays are....
  12. Between X-Rays and visible light, and a component of the sunlight is...
    ultraviolet light or UV Light
  13. ranging from violet(short wavelength w/higher energy to red(with long wavelengths w/low energy)
    Visible Light
  14. All warm objects emit this form of light For example, human bodies. Its next to visible light on the spectrum but invisible to our eyes.
    Infrared Light
  15. Even longer wavelengths then the ladder, these are often used in radar.
  16. The longest wavelengths with the lowest energy. Used in television and communication systems
    Radio waves
  17. When an atom absorbs energy an electron in one of the orbits is...
    Excited; This is known as excitation
  18. When the atom has undergone excitation it becomes less stable and the electron falls back or....
    Relaxes; This is known as Relaxation.
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