micro lab test 2

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  1. what does electrophoresis use?
    nucleic acids
  2. how does electrophoresis move DNA?
    it uses the positive electrodes to pull negative charged phosphates on DNA and RNA
  3. how does electrophoresis separate DNA and RNA?
    separates based on size of DNA or RNA the bigger the strand the harder time it will have passing through the gel
  4. what is the relationship between negative charges and mass ratio?
    negative charges are proportional to mass of DNA or RNA
  5. what are the two buffers used in electrophoresis?
    • 1-loading dye
    • 2-electrophoresis buffer-running buffer
  6. what is the function of a loading dye?
    it acts as a buffer and it is also a thicker agent allowing DNA sample to sink in the wells
  7. what is the function of a electrophoresis running buffer
    to make allow electricity to flow between gel and electrodes
  8. where does restriction enzyme cut the DNA?
    between G-C base pairs
  9. what is the function of RFLP?
    RFLP analysis is used to identify a change in the genetic sequence that occurs at a site where a restriction enzyme cuts
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