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  1. Introduction
    • -Welcome
    • -We are happy you can join us for this presentation from Green Belly & Arbonne w/ Mandi
  2. To Begin
    • -Green Belly will give a brief talk about our company & provide some Info on simplifying your food choices
    • -You will get opportunity to taste some of our freshly prepared foods.
    • -Then we will head over to the living room and learn about some great natural & healthful beauty products from Arbonne.
  3. Part One
    • -To Begin, we have prepared a selection of gourmet foods for you to taste this afternoon.
    • -Please help yourselves to the platters while we provide you with some information about our company & our thoughts on finding a balance in your diet.
  4. The food that you are tasting today consists of
    • - Drink- Pomegranate mint iced tea
    • - Mini Reuben Sandwiches
    • - Mini Corn Cakes with Tomato Avocado
    •    Salsa
    • - Warm Goat Cheese & Quinoa - red onion & garlic (sauted), chickpeas, spinach, goat cheese, lemon juice & olive oil dressing
    • - Autumn Chopped Salad - kale, romaine, pear, avocado, pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, cranberries (or pomegranate seeds), red onion, with meyer lemon vinaigrette
    • - Pumpkin Cheesecake Chocolate Tarts - chocolate almond flour crust (gluten free tart recipe), pumpkin cashew cheesecake filling, chocolate ganache drizzle on top
    • - Demonstration: Caramel Shake
  5. Part Two
    • - We would like to start by introducing Green Belly. We are Margaret & Catherine (Calvert) & we are the founders of Green Belly
    • - A small event catering and personal chef food business. We specialize in gourmet vegetarian, vegan, & personalized meal plans.
  6. First Part of our business: Small Event Catering
    • - Small event catering
    • - We gear our services towards small gatherings such as bridal or baby showers, social get-togethers, holiday gatherings.
    • - As part of our services, we provide menu suggestions, take care of the shopping, prep work, cooking, serving, & clean up. In addition, we also offer design services for tablescapes & event décor to add pizzazz to our fabulous displays of food.
    • - Green Belly focuses on catering to small groups, which allows you to indulge in an intimate event with up to 30 of your closest friends or a special date with just your significant other.
    • - Leave the chaos and the noise at the restaurant, by hiring Green Belly to do the work we bring the gourmet taste to the intimacy of your own home. We allow you to be a guest at your own party.
  7. Second Part of Company: Personal Chef Service
    - Personal chef services in which we discuss with you to create a perfect weekly menu that caters to your taste or any dietary requests you may have. We prepare, cook, & package meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    -By choosing our personal chef services, you leave the meal planning, shopping, and clean-up to Green Belly, while you spend precious time with your loved ones.

    -Come home & relax knowing that all the shopping, preparation, & cooking have been taken care of for you.
  8. Part Three: The Simplicity of REAL Food
    - While Green Belly promotes and prepares foods that focus on a plant based diet, we are not endorsing that all people become a vegetarian or vegan.

    -Our expertise is in the preparation of vegetarian foods because that is our background.

    -We are, however, encouraging that a diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds, & nuts is not only well balanced, but an important key to a stronger and healthier body.

    -Therefore, Green Belly serves as a great option to maintain your current lifestyle, while allowing you to incorporate unique, wholesome, gourmet foods that you can feel good about indulging in & feeding to your loved ones.
  9. 3 Types of Food Complicators
    A. Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods

    B. Food Parts vs. Whole Foods

    C. Overcomplicated Food Preparation
  10. A. Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods 

    1. Dangers of Processed Foods
    a. Use of Food Additives   

        i. preservatives, excess salt or sugar, flavor enhancers, dyes or colorants, trans fats, replacing lost nutrients with synthetic “enriched” versions

    ii. these additives are chemicals that cause serious health issues over time
  11. 1. Dangers of Processed Foods

    b. Over Processing
    i. irradiation, heating, pressure treating, pasteurizing & ultra-pasteurizing, removing natural fats & replacing them with cheap, stable trans fats, cross-contamination
  12. 1. Dangers of Processed Foods

    c. Loss of the Good Stuff
    i. the more processing steps involved = greater loss of vitamins, minerals, & nutrients (50-80% of nutrients are lost during average food treatment)

    ii. The more processed the foods = the more synthetic additives have to be added back in, in order to restore flavor, texture, loss of water, & appearance
  13. 2. Benefits of Whole Foods

    a. More Nutritional Content
    i. whole foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds nuts, beans, meat) have pre-portioned nutritional content to make digestion & nutritional absorption most efficient

    ii. whole foods have maximum amounts of essential nutrients, which gives the body maximum health benefits without following complicated diets
  14. Green Belly Example
    -The mini sweet corn cakes that you eating this afternoon have only 6 ingredients (organic non-GMO corn, olive oil, honey, salt, flour, & corn flour). They are all easily identifiable and readily available ingredients found in most of our refrigerators or pantries.

    -Comparatively, a hamburger bun from McDonald’s contains 34 ingredients. Most of the ingredients are unpronounceable or unidentifiable without an internet search. And that is just the bun. Eating food that is difficult to define only adds to the confusion of what to eat. Plus, I am willing to bet that the organic corn in the corn cakes tastes a whole lot better than the azodicarbonamide found in the hamburger bun.
  15. 2. Benefits of Whole Foods

    b. Eating Made Simple
    i. eating whole foods = less food stress

    •      aa. no counting calories, tallying daily intake values, worrying about multivitamins, spikes in blood sugar, digestive issues
    •      bb. no need to supplement because you are eating the healthiest versions of food available
  16. B. Food Parts vs. Whole Foods

    1. Dangers of Food Parts

    a. Food as a Series of Numbers
    i. grams of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, quantities of fiber, vitamins, minerals, calories, etc.

    ii. it’s unnatural to reduce food down into small intangible pieces

    iii. it not a sustainable way of eating over the long term
  17. 1. Dangers of Food Parts

    b. Conflicting Studies
    i. we are being bombarded, on a consistent basis, with food “part” studies

    ii. the study results remain ever-changing, conflicting, inconclusive, & confusing
  18. B. Food Parts vs. Whole Foods

    2. Refocus on Whole Food
    i. our ancestors, historically, ate food, NOT food parts

    ii. greater health is achieved by eating whole foods (fruits, veg, seeds, nuts, beans, meat), rather than singling out individual vitamins, minerals, or nutrients
  19. C. Overcomplicated Food Preparation

    1. Dangers of Over-Thinking a Meal
    i. we get intimidated by ideas of long hours, exotic ingredients, difficult techniques

    ii. we avoid trying new foods, flavors, or techniques due to mental barriers that it could be challenging or result in a failure
  20. C. Overcomplicated Food Preparation

    2. Choosing a Clean Palate
    i. refocus on whole foods that are seasonal, readily available, & most flavorful

    ii. limit the number of ingredients; more ingredients doesn’t equal great taste

    iii. give yourself freedom to play, experiment, & explore new recipes, combinations, & ethnic foods & flavors without being worried about failure (you can always order take out)
  21. Green Belly Ideas
    - At Green Belly, we advocate that the more cleanly & efficiently food can be prepared, then the more time there is for enjoying those creations & satisfying our bodies with the good eats that can be invented by simple, fresh, seasonal, local, whole ingredients.
  22. Conclusion
    - We would now like to conclude our presentation with a demonstration of a simple, yet extremely satisfying recipes for some dessert indulges. And the best part is that these recipes are so delectable, yet wholesome, that you can feel good about indulging in the good stuff.
  23. Part 4:
    explain ingredients, process, & how simple eating well can be
  24. Final Words from Green belly
    - Again, Green Belly is not recommending a full lifestyle change. We encourage that all people make the dietary decisions that work best with their lifestyles, personal beliefs, & most importantly, with the feedback that you receive from your body.

    - Our main goal is to bring empowerment to through education & a broader understanding of the food choices that we have available to us. Thank you.
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