English Vocab 5

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  1. encisage
    v. to imagine
  2. visage
    n. face
  3. apparition
    n. a ghost
  4. perspicacious
    adj. wise
  5. retrospective
    adj. looking backward over a period of time
  6. aspect
    n. a part that can be viewed
  7. introspective
    adj. contemplating one's own thoughts and feelings
  8. phenomenon
    n. an event that can be observed
  9. diaphanous
    adj. lightweight and transparent
  10. epiphany
    n. a moment of great insight
  11. sycophant
    n. a yes-man
  12. proliferate
    v. to multiply
  13. impulse
    n. a sudden, involuntary urge to do something
  14. fractious
    adj. tending to argue
  15. retract
    v. to draw back; withdraw
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