Lorenzo Antipasti Freddi Description

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  1. Sliced-To-Order Prosciutto - La Quercia organic $14
    • Prosciutto (or Parma ham) is a dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked. Usually salt-cured for at least 2 weeks, it's then aged for a minimum of 9 months, up to 2 years.
    • Our boneless USDA Prosciutto Americano is cured from Berkshire hogs rear legs (culatello), raised by La Quercia (Norwalk, IA).
    • It's Antibiotic Free, family farm raised and vegetarian fed.
    • Beverage pairing: Lager, Hard Cider, Champagne, Lambrusco
  2. Burrata - Sicilian sea salt, olive oil, focaccia $20
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    • Burrata (lit. "buttered", in Italian) is a typical cheese from Apulia. It's basically a mozzarella cheese (from water buffalo and/or cow's milk), with a very creamy core.
    • Burrata is prepared similarly to mozzarella - the curd (the fat) is extracted from the cheese and the whey (the water that runs off) removed. Then, the curd is treated in a hot water bath, until it can be stretched into "strings". For the mozzarella, the stretched cheese is shaped into a ball. For burrata, it's shaped into a pouch and then filled with "untreated" cheese curds and fresh cream (straciatella).
    • Our burrata is served in 8 ounce portions and wrapped with a blanched leek leaf. Then, we dress it with Primolio olive oil and Sicilian sea salt. The dish is served with focaccia bread, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil.
    • Note: Our burrata is made from local Floridian cow’s milk by Mozzarita, a cheese producer in north Florida. Tying it with a leek harkens back to the way cheese mongers used to tie their burrata in order to transport it to the market.
  3. Treviso & Goat Cheese Spread - treviso marmalade, crostini $13
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    • Radicchio is a leafy chicory, with white-veined red leaves. Raw, it has a vibrant color, pleasing bitterness, and unmistakable crunch.
    • The Radicchio di Treviso is a DOP from Treviso (Veneto).
    • We saute the radicchio with EVOO and butter, and then we simmer it for 2 hrs in aged balsamic.
    • The goat cheese is whipped with sugar, salt and pepper.
    • Dish is served with crostini.
  4. House Cured Sardines - fresh Mediterranean, herbs, olive oil tin $14

  5. Tuscan Liver Spread - foie gras, chicken liver, vin santo, crostini $15
    • The chicken livers are marinated in milk overnight and then cooked with Vin Santo.
    • Vin Santo (holy wine) is a style of Italian dessert wine. Traditional in Tuscany, these wines are often made from white grape varieties (Trebbiano and Malvasia). After harvested, these grapes are dried on straw mats and then aged in small chestnut barrels for 5 to 10 years. They can vary in sweetness levels from bone dry (like a Fino Sherry) to extremely sweet.
    • Our foie gras comes from Hudson Valley, NY. It's first seared and then blended with the liver, caramelized onions and butter, for consistency.
    • The mix is topped with Amarena cherries in syrup and served with crostini.
  6. Florida Stone Crab Bruschetta - tomato, basil $19
    • The FL Stone crab meat (claws) is mixed with:
      • diced heirloom tomatoes,
      • chopped basil,
      • lime juice & zest,
      • Primolio olive oil,
      • sea salt and
      • black pepper.
    • Bruschette are rubbed with garlic and toasted. Garnished with crispy capers.
  7. Smoked Mahi Mahi Spread - caper berries, wood oven-baked cracker $14
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    • The Mahi Mahiis slightly smoked and blended, and then is mixed with:
      • chopped celery,
      • olives,
      • capers,
      • cream cheese,
      • chili flakes,
      • EVOO,
      • lemon juice & zest,
      pate style.
    • The sesame crackers are made with pizza dough thinly spread and sesame seeds attached, and baked in the pizza oven.
    • Dish is garnished with brined caper berries.
  8. House made Giardiniera - pickled vegetables $6
    • Made with:
      • cauliflowers,
      • olives,
      • celery,
      • carrots,
      • shallots and
      • radish bulbs,
      soaked in salty water overnight.
    • Then, they are marinated in a vinaigrette made with white and red wine vinegar, Primolio olive oil.
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