chp 4 more latin prefixes and suffixes

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  1. ad-
    to, toward
  2. adjective
    word that modifies a noun or pronoun
  3. adverb
    word that modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb
  4. advertise
    to turn the public's attention toward something
  5. admonish
    to earnestly advise or warn; gentle warning
  6. ad hominem
    appealing to personal interests, prejudices, emotions rather that to reason
  7. ad nauseam
    to the point of nausea; to disgusting or ridiculous degree
  8. com-
    with, together
  9. commotion
    a condition of turbulent motion; disorder
  10. companion
    a person who accompanies or associates with another ; comrade
  11. commerce
    the buying and selling of goods, especially on a large scale, as between nations
  12. commiserate
    to feel or express sorrow or pity for; sympathize with
  13. commodious
    spacious, roomy
  14. compatible
    agreeable; efficient integration and operation with other elements in a system
  15. in-
  16. inedible
    not suitable for food
  17. incoherent
    lacking order, connection, or harmony; unable to think or express one's thought in a clear or orderly manner
  18. inarticulate
    unable to speak; speechless
  19. inclement
    stormy; severe or unmerciful; harsh
  20. sub-
    under, less
  21. submarine
    • beneath the surface of the water
    • a ship capable of operating underwater
  22. subhuman
    below the human race in evolutionary development; not fully human
  23. subjugate
    to bring under dominion; subdue
  24. subpoena
    a legal writ requiring appearance in court to give testimony
  25. subsidiary
    serving to assist or supplement; auxiliary; lesser importance
  26. subservient
    subordinate in capacity or function; to serve under
  27. succumb
    to yield or submit to an overpowering force; to give in or give up
  28. suppress
    subdue; to hold back
  29. surreptitious
    performed, made, or acquired by secret, clandestine or stealthy
  30. -ana, -iana
    items belonging to
  31. -ese
    • belonging to
    • whatever belongs to, including its inhabitants and its language
  32. journalese
    the slick, superficial stlye of writing
  33. officialese
    official documents or statements that are often obscure, pretentiously wordy
  34. -esque
    in the style of, like
  35. statuesque
    suggestive of a statue; grace; tall; shapely
  36. picturesque
    suitable for a picture; striking; charming
  37. Romanesque
    inspired by the buildings of the Roman Empire
  38. -iferous
    bringing, producing
  39. coniferous
    referring to evergreen cone-bearing trees
  40. odoriferous
    having or giving off an odor
  41. pestiferous
    infected with or contaminated by an epidemic disease; morally evil or deadly; carrying disease
  42. vociferous
    making an outcry; clamorous; being loud
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