Chapter 8

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  1. Dardanelles
    part of a majorwaterway that separates Europe and Asia
  2. Bosporus
    waterway that separates the European and Asian parts ofTurkey
  3. Jordan River
    a river that begins in Syria, flows through Israel and Jordan, and empties into the Dead Sea
  4. Dead Sea
    the world’s saltiest lake
  5. Syrian Desert
    a desert of rock and gravel that covers much of Syria and Jordan
  6. Ankara
    the capital of Turkey
  7. Istanbul
    Turkey’s largest city; formerly called Constantinople
  8. secular
    when religion is kept separate from government (a secular state)
  9. Diaspora
    the forced scattering of Jews by the Roman Empire
  10. Jerusalem
    the capital of Israel
  11. Zionism
    a movement calling for Jews to establish a country or community in Palestine
  12. kosher
    a term that refers to Jewish dietary laws(“proper” in Hebrew)
  13. kibbutz
    a type of large farm on which Israeli Jews live and share everything in common
  14. Gaza
    a small, crowded territory on the Palestinian coast
  15. West Bank
    a large, mostly rural territory of Palestine
  16. Damascus
    the capital of Syria
  17. Beirut
    the capital of Lebanon
  18. Bedouins
    Arabic-speaking nomads who mostly live in the deserts of Southwest Asia
  19. Amman
    The capital of Jordan
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