Lorenzo Cicchetti Description

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  1. Orange Olives - herb marinated, Florida citrus $8
    Castelvetrano (Sicily) olives, marinated in:
    • garlic,
    • toasted fennel seeds,
    • chili flakes,
    • orange juice,
    • EVOO and
    • Fl orange suprêmes.
  2. Handcut Potato Chips - Calabrian licorice $4

  3. Olive Ascolane - Wangus beef stuffed fried olives $13
    The olives are stuffed with Wangus (Wagyu-Angus) ground brisket and lardo (fatback cured in rosemary), like a sausage. Then, are breaded in semolina and deep-fried. Ascolane are served with a harissa aioli sauce (harissa paste, garlic, EVOO and egg yolks).
  4. Arancini - Acquerello rice, organic corn, Controne pepper $12
    The risotto is made with Acquerello rice, stock, butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. Then, it's molded into small balls and stuffed with organic corn, Controne (Campania) peppers and bufala mozzarella. Arancini are served with a basil pesto and a chives and celery leaves salad.
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